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Sharing success story! New job offer with 17 Lacs increment and Overseas placement

Dear all, I want to Share an amazing experience with you. I have been trying to get salary increment in my job since very long. I was always noticed for my performance but some how never given desired salary increment..My last salary was say X. I wanted X plus 10 lac more making it to salary X+10. My current employer also promised me that he would post me in our office outside India....I took TWS and GS regularly since few months and I was hoping that I would get my share as SALARY CORRECTION. . Finally after wait of 6 months, I got My so called salary correction which was only X +3 lac... This happend despite my boss promise to me that he would give what I wantd..also I was not posted overseas...I was really very upset and felt that despite taking TWS and GS regularly, nothing happened. I thought it doesn't work..Still I restored my faith in God and continued with my work..after one month, I got an opportunity out of the blue and that too overseas...Imagine at what offer!...I got X + 17 lac...! Much much more that what I wanted. You get what you want if you have faith!. Thank you very much Sharat Sir for giving me VK.,thanks to Sai baba and Archangel michael!


  • @RituAgarwal

    WOW. Super Congratulations for your successful career pickup.

    Thank you for sharing in detail. Appreciate your patience and actions.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and to your career.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM bonanza in our lives !!

  • @RituAgarwal , GOLDEN SUNRISE to your faith and consistency. Congratulations.

  • Thank you Golden Rakhi and Sharat Sir and entire VK team for making me introduced to VK. It's a blessing
  • Thank you for sharing your experience which reflects your consistency and patience which is very much required with Divine VK. Sharat sir is truly a navarathna gem who has given us Divine VK with 11 cosmic energy with infinite ways to live our life KING SIZE.

    Congratulations and Happy Bon-voyage :-)

  • Wow.congratulations to you for your new job :)
  • Golden Sunrise Career @RituAgarwal

  • Thank you for sharing

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