How I can change my or any ones basic nature.

Golden Sunrise Sharat sir,all VK Teachers,Motivators let me know how can I change my self according to the opposite person,how can I be egoless,down to earth,as I try to change any thing a new complex creat new trouble.


  • @Shirish ji

    One can be oneself instead of thinking to change to other person. Because every person will be different how many times one should keep changing for others.

    You can talk to VK in your own words...

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE help me to be calm and peaceful

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE help me for a peaceful and loving communication with all.

    For high can simply say VK RELEASE EGO or take CALM DOWN SERUM

    VK send LOVE SERUM to all the people i interact today.

    Like this you can go on talking to VK
  • Golden Sunrise,Rakhee ji.
    I am trying to take the energy of Maun ki sadhna,to keep mum and raise peace and silence for mind.
  • Golden Sunrise,Sharat sir,Rakhee ji
    Every day I am taking Energy of Maun Vrat to change eagerness,into peace of mind.
  • @Shirish: Please read my experience about anandamadira asana... Once we establish inner self strongly, then automatically we start identifying being one with every living and non-living around us. If this oneness is become consciously aware, then ego, empathy and peace becomes our way of life.
  • @girichander

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Nice idea.

    This is the link to Girichander's wonderful idea and experience

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher : Thank you maam, i replied in phone so i couldn't paste the link.

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