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VK SUCCESS STORY: Success in CA FINAL level examination


It is a WOW moment in my family. My niece (23 years old) cleared CA exam in 3rd attempt. :3

I told my sister to get the VK for her family when my niece did not cleared the exam in last 2 attempts.
My niece is very bright student. She put lots of effort in all the 3 attempts. She use to sleep only for 3-4 hrs a day for 4 months. You can imagine how the health situation and stress level she was going through.
She is very calm girl and never shown such emotions openly. But whenever I use to meet, use to get her energy levels which were not so good. She was suffering from digestion issues sometimes.

My sister got the VK just before my niece started preparing for exams.

The healing carried out were:
1. Horoscope healing: GOLDEN SUNRISE and balance serum to Horoscope photo copy. 4 times a day. Intention: To clear any blocks for success.
2. Success in studies: Shri Hayagriva mantra energy + Saraswati Chalisa + Total wealth serum + Study serum + Golden Sunrise: Water bottle daily. Dose 1 hour interval.
3. On demand: Fem serum + Balance Serum + Perect Health Serum: On required days. Dose 2 hours interval.
4. To be fit: Gym Serum + Balance Serum + Perect Health Serum + Moodup serum + Fem serum: Water bottle daily. Dose 1 hour interval. Intention: To be fit, active & joyful
5. During writing exam: GOLDEN SUNRISE + Shri Hayagriva mantra energy + Bach flower Rescue remedy + Saraswati Chalisa: Direct request. Every 10 mins .
7. After exams: GOLDEN SUNRISE for success for results
8. Evaluator: Love Serum + GOLDEN SUNRISE for success for results. My niece was sending this
9. My niece wore VK during exams. Then she continued wearing it. My sister got new VK.

I realized that VK will clear all the blocks for success if you are worthy of it. You need consistency in healing until you get the results. In this case I will appreciate my sister for her extreme dedication for healing until the result is achieved.

Thank you Sharat Sir for blessing us with VK, for which the price tag is impossible. <3

Best regards,


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