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Extended life span or health of a pet....My VK experience

edited January 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden sunrise ,

My dad's pet dog (chow chow,2or 3 yrs old) was suffering from multiple infections in ear and urinary tract (very bad ,worms or insects in testes etc ) . We thought it would only last for a week or two .

It was not able to adjust to tropical climate ,This breed is meant for cold weather .

It was unable to walk even for few metres , it slept or slumped on the ground very often during daily walk .

I did psychic surgery (remotely) with VK about 4 to 5 times and some serums like PHS, ACS,BS a couple of times .

My dad followed up with a couple of visits to hospital , where they suggested general medicine to clean the ear or infection (nothing fancy )

Then , its health condition improved immediately or in a couple of days to a week . it is like a new dog now , it barks a lot , goes for long walks , it's beauty has improved .

now It is getting into fights with other pets ????, which never happen before .

lemme know if you'd like to see his picture .

Thanks Sharath sir , All .

My VK tip for pets: rotate VK on your pets few times , you would be amazed at the results .


  • @kaushikm


    Amazing. I admire your love for the pets. Thanks for sharing in detail.

    Would love to see the picture too. You can email it to with link of this post. We will post the image here on your behalf.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and your bond with your pet.

    Blessings for healthy joyful life of your pet.
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