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VIBBES SEEDER - 24/7 Cosmic Shower of Divine Energies!!!...My experiences

edited January 2019 in VIBBES SEEDER

My house was blessed with Divine VIBBES SEEDER in April 2018 with rakhi maam's advice and Sharat sir's guidance. From then till now lots of changes among family members and the entire environment in and around the house.

  • My house construction was incomplete from May 2016, It got completed within 6 months of placing Divine Vibbes seeder.
  • Multiple health complication of my mother is come down drastically and her sleep quality has increased considerably wherein at sharp 7:00 AM she gets off the bed whereas before even after 9 or 10 she used to feel tired or drowsy.
  • Relationship between my parents have become mutual unlike previously getting agitated or irritated with eachother.
  • We are attracting new opportunities and divine guidance during discussion in the house.
  • Everyone are peaceful staying at home unlike it was not the case before.
  • My dad is regularly doing morning pooja from the time of placing Divine Vibbes Seeder.
  • I am able to reach meditative state faster which used to happen only in few temples and church.
  • Tratak Meditation with Divine Vibbes Seeder is really a boon for many people with no experience in meditation. Divine Vibbes Seeder becomes our Guru.
  • Entire home has become so bright as if 1000 watts light has been placed.
  • People with no-so-good-intention are not able to come even if they try the best.
  • Their was stressful condition at home for around 20 days a month, now it is only around Full moon or New moon days.
  • Being lethargy, fatigue and weak are things of past now.

My humble Gratitude to many miracles and divine connections from the 48 cosmic energy filled Divine Vibbes Seeder and Sharat Sir for providing simple yet effective solution to each one use to live under the constant cosmic shower which enlightens our life in many possible ways. And Gratitude to Self-less Rakhi maam who is always ready to guide us and provide positive solutions with Divine VK and Divine VS.


  • Thanks @girichander Ji for sharing so much experiences with VS.

  • @girichander


    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with VIBBES SEEDER. Its all so amazing.

    I still remember last year when we had a call. You shared some of the problems on call and when we discussed about the next said that you will borrow money to do the energy exchange for VS. You were thinking of taking loan.

    When i shared this with Sharat Sir. Sir was not comfortable on hearing that you will borrow money for VS. Later i discussed with Sir that you were going to spend in multiples for reaaranging the home structure as compared to what you would giving as energy exchange for VS for the same problems at your place. Then Sir agreed and gave you VS

    It was worth whatever actions you took to get VS. Its so beautifully expressed by you @girichander

    Normally other healers who give solutions....dont bother from where you get money to take solutions. Most of them are only bothered about money receipt. Here i saw Sharat Sir who was unwilling and uncomfortable to receive energy exchange through borrowing way.

    Gratitude and big salute to you Sharat Sir for your divine ways.
  • @girichander

    I also remember after a week after you installed VS at your place you called me to say that your mother slept peacefully at nite and was energetic....

    this was not discussed when we spoke about importance of VS at your place before installing VS.

    Also your mother was not aware of VS installed at your place but that she was feeling better with its presence.

    I appreciate you waited patiently to notice and experience changes in your home with VS. Thanks again for your patience.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts and experiences
  • @Anit Nayak - Supportive VK Teacher : Thank you for your thanks :-)
    @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher : I was more excited to have Divine VS since i have so many miracles from Divine VK and also i did take loan post which my brother supported me to close it immediately and also i was able to repay my brother in couple of months. Sometimes we will have money but things will not fall in place, whereas after placing Divine VS things started falling into place. I felt doing good things should be done right away and right now, today almost gonna be a year my doings have benefited every person in my home. Thank you Ma'am for explaining my situation to Sharat sir and given me the opportunity to be under the constant cosmic shower!!! My humble gratitude to Sharat sir for understanding my need and gave his divine creation.

  • Wow amazing @girichander ji,
    I can relate with powers of VS at home, i am having similar VS experiences and change in Energy System at my home.
    VS and VK are the Divine blessings by @SharatSir .
    Thankyou for sharing in beautiful way with details, it will motivated many people to change their living positively.
    Golden Sunrise to all your efforts

    :heart: :heart: Gratitudes my great master @SharatSir So touchy and lovely feeling for his selfless guidance support and wellwishes for all.
    Thankyou Rakhi didi for sharing the conversation about energy exchange of VS
    Unmatched qualities no other can do this as @SharatSir do for users. He is a real motivation and living budhaa i am blessed to have your blessings Sir :innocent:
  • Thank you @girichander for sharing your experiences with us. Have a Golden Sunrise Life Ahead.

  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher: Thank you Punnetji for your words and to Sharat Sir for bring us together with divine connections.
  • @SharatSir: Thank you for the GOLDEN SUNRISE wishes sir :-) I’m really overwhelmed with joy receiving your comment on Divine VS experience.
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