Bhaktamar Mantra

Dear VK Teachers, it will be nice if you include a topic either on Forum or Litairian site about the wonderful Mantra Bhaktamar of Jain community.

I only recently came to know about it and its drugless healing benefits for any illness under the Sun.

Can we mimik this mantra or select verses for our particular purpose? How to place a request with VK?

Thankyou for all your selfless wonderful sharing in forum.


  • You can just request energy of any mantra with the title of the mantra to VK.
  • Dear Sir/Madam ? Thanks for your valuable information about Bhaktamar Mantra. Your suggestions are valuable to us as it gives inspiration to touch those areas which we might have overlooked.

    However, this is for your kind knowledge that VK, in your hand, is a very powerful and calibrated device, which is empowered to provide solutions for situations, much more than what we may think of. I may put this information, not to belittle the importance of the Mantra but just to diversify your span of perception that specific Mantras are used for specific solutions and many Mantras have multi-tasking effects, but VK alone has powers to give effect of any Mantra just on request and it is a unique endowment.

    For the same reason, as you have stated above, I earnestly request you and all who have a VK and may read my submission, "Once you have VK in your hand, please ......please Know your VK first". Make it your Best friend and see how it listens to your thoughts. Just to aggregate my views, your VK is capable of turning your simple statements called Affirmations into results. Try it [(24x7) x 30] x 12 till infinity. As you said, VK is capable of not only giving healing benefits for any illness under the sun and moon too, it heals situations, relationships, emotion, even non-living things.

    Believe me.

  • Thank you Sanjayji for your valuable thought.

  • This is a wonderful Submission, Thank you for sharing to all of us
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