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VK TIP 115 : VK's Monthly Calendar, by Ronaldo

edited May 2019 in VK TIPS

Hi Everyone <3


I have created a VK Calendar that I use myself and I'd love to share them with you.

Based on this one you can create your own calendar or you can use this one.

Thanks Divine and @ Sharat Sir for this amazing tool!



    GOLDEN SUNRISE . The image from your email is uploaded with your name.

    I took a quick look at your calender. I have some suggestions and special compliments for you. Will post tomorrow. Just came online here to post the image.
  • Rakhi
    Thank You <3


    Nice way of representing activity chart.

    I appreciate your excitement in using VK.

    Some points which i loved

    :smile: All such activities will help you to expand your learning curve with VK use.

    Create a VK Diary
    Go to VK website and learn new
    Go to forum and read VK Tip
    Create an EC book
    Try some fun with VK
    Find a Ganesh Mantra

    :smile: Some other activities where you are going beyond yourself and helping others will take you tona new level

    Send energy to neighbours
    Send energy to stranger
    Prepare EC book for others
    Connect with VK users
    Tell someone about VK

    :smile: Some points like this which are fixed, can be altered

    Charge home water, foods, beds with VK....this can be done on daily basis also.


    Appreciate your idea sharing, but also share your experiences, it will motivate many.

    A small suggestion, when you make coloured charts, if the background fill is light or bright, choose dark coloured or black fonts for letters/texts. Some boxes are too light to read.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your ideas and sharing

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