Placing VS in right direction

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GOLDEN SUNRISE I am very happy with my VK also got for my both sons
Recently I ordered for VS but I think maybe where I have placed is not right, as since I placed it in my house ,we are having some issues firstly it happened with my sister my relations are not on talking terms although I tried to resolve, same thing happened with my sister in law too ,my husband is always on defence mode with her it was so extreme that he collapsed n we had to urgently take him to a heart specialist
Money wise also there r matters coming up who don't want to return our money
There are fights between me n my husband too for no reason at all ( we never fought before so often)
Please advise me I have complete faith in both VS AND VK
Maybe I have not placed it properly ( it fell the day it came by courier)I have placed it on South Wall about 7feet above


  • @Nadiya

    Its just energy shift. Just allow VS to work on your place.

    Hope you are keeping VS surface clean, dust free by wiping it with clean dry cloth.

    You can please use VK for relationships and money recovery
  • Yes I'm keeping it clean dust free
    There is a mirror opposite VS
    I'm continuously using SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS ACS TWS GS
    Thanks for your prompt reply
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