My Tratak Meditation experience with VS and VK

It is an amazing experience to do Tratak Meditation with VIBBES SEEDER with requesting VK to enhance the effect.

With Jyoti Tratak (Flame from an oil lamp), i used to reach a level of tears in eyes after 15 to 20 min, but with this VS VK combination, i achieved it within few mins i guess within 3 min (I didn't look at the watch).

There was a powerful energy experience at 3rd eye. And i reached stillness of mind much better and much faster than that achieved with Jyoti Tratak.

In one session i experienced all 3 stages of Tratak.

It is very simple that we don’t have to rely on constant flame source, we can put even put on the fan, and VS can be placed anywhere in the home while doing Tratak.

Thank you so much for this meditation guidance Sharat Sir. I was passionate about Tratak since years, but always postponed it for the FLAME requirement. Now its so easy and so beneficial.

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts Sir. God bless you. The wonderful inventions both VK and VS are a Super boon in our lives !!


  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher wonderful meditation experience.Thanks

    Sharat Sir guided me to do the Tratak Meditation with VS and because of the time schedule didn't do it.

    It's inspiring me to start the mediation again.

    I have one question, is there any specific background we need to keep behind VS for this meditation.

    Best regards,

  • @Chetandurdi

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. No there is no specific background requirement for Tratak with VS. Here the focus is central VS inscribed part as Tratak point. So once you start focus in centre of automatically remain focussed. The energies from VS kept me so focussed i felt. i personally placed VS against a plain wall.

    Do share your experiences too.
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