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Healing infatuation in teenagers, Travel in fog

edited January 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
GS.I spend my whole day with Vk doing multiple healing for our issues as well as others.Sharing few new stuff.
1.These days i am experimenting All clear serum and anti addication seum,balance serum,Calm down serum to handle teenage infatuation,crush,tantrums.As my children are in late teens.Please light on this i hope i am doing correct.
2.Two days back i had visited to dehli to attend some event.My driver called me up that it quite dicey due to heavy fog on the way from chandigarh to dehli.So i was bit scared.As i travelled alone with some known and need to reach event at 11.I requested Vk with ACS,GS,SO7R in intervals.And it was surprising for driver too,because it took 7 hours to reach in fog days.But that day weather was clear and we reached safely at 10.30 and come back same day without fog in the late evening.
As we are humans so up down are part or life,sometimes we are getting instant result some times we have to patient.But Journey with Vk is amazing and in auto system .Tks a lot sir and all.Have a great year ahead.


  • @Shipra

    Thanks for sharing your ways and experiences.

    Regarding your question on teenagers, please check if they need CALM DOWN SERUM. What is the purpose of CDS. You can add SHIELD OF 7 RAYS too

    For teenagers separately you can give them FEM (girls) or MEN SERUM(boys) as applicable. Sometimes the tantrums could be due to hormonal changes happening in this age group. And its good to give these Cosmic serums even otherwise.

  • Thanks rakhi ji
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE sir/madam,

    VK gives immediate results in travelling.
    Daily i have to drive 24 kms up and 24 kms down to my work place on two wheeler..on the way i have to cross two railway level crossings.

    Starting at home i request VK to activate SO7R,after 1 km i chant as
    "VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please clear the traffic for us. "

    When the traffic is clear, i chant," VK please bless ,help, guide, guard and develop me NOW FOREVER." till i reach my work place.

    One thing surprises me a lot is... VK remainds me of chanting this sentences at right time ..
    After reaching my place i forget this sentences which i have chanted.

    Thank you so much Sharath Sir
    Thank you All teachers of VK forum
    Thank you VK forum.
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