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VK TIP 114 : Pendulum Chart With VK, How to Best Ask VK by Ronaldo

edited May 2019 in VK TIPS


I just want to share some charts that I created for using with a pendulum.

Of course, before using the pendulum is important to have read the Website, The Manual and the meaning of everything that the charts are representing!

I use All Clear Serum for clearing the pendulum and the chart. After that I charge the pendulum and chart with Golden Sunrise.

The chart called "How To Best Ask VK", was based in one of the forum's post where someone sometimes found difficult to ask VK for a specific healing.

If anyone have any suggestion, please, let me know, ok?

Thanks to the Divinity, To Vk and to Sharat Sir for sharing this Divine and Amazing tool.


  • I apologise for just posting the links, but I don't know how to post an image here on the forum.



    When i saw these images made and shared by you , i was overwhelmed. Your passion to work with VK and exploring to find own solution is really unusual and OUT OF THE BOX THINKING.

    The images are very well represented. The idea is beautifully expressed.

    Do share your experiences with this method of finding solutions.

    Thank you for sharing your idea with wonderful representation.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts ideas and experiences.
  • BIG THANK YOU Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher...

    Coming from you who is a very precise person and a High Spiritual Soul, believe me, it's an amazing and very difficult to put on words pleasure!

    It also means that Divine have said through you that what I was guided to do was right and accepted!


    VK and VS have changed many things in my life. From the first time I touched VK I was kind of concerned of the alignment that I would have with. So I got "inspired" and during a week I kindly asked just two things:

    ..."Divine Vk, please, align myself with you physically, mentally, emotionally, etherically and spiritually".
    ..."Divine Vk, please, activate and send EFT to all my fears about you".

    I did the above every day during 30 minutes after wake up and before sleeping. I holded VK in my two hands (pray position) and had them touching my heart (where the Real Intelligence comes from!) and recited my desire for 30 minutes.

    I have also charged water with "All Clear Serum", "EFT to all my fears about VK" and Golden Sunrise as a complement of my desire and drink a sip every 30 minutes.

    I don't know if it was a right or wrong procedure I just knew that I did it, since deeply inside of me I know that nothing could be wrong coming from VK. I know that my fears and thoughs are the barrier instead.

    From that week until now my relation with VK is just INCREDIBLE!!! I would need a entire Forum to report everything that happened since then.

    I still use that procedure once or twice a week since our emotions and fears have deep roots that can come from far far away and inadvertently it can start without us noticing!

    This is my humble way of saying to Divine that I'm surrendered to His/Her Love!...and if there is something remaining on my side that is preventing my connection...please, eliminate it now!

    I apologize in advance if my english is not perfect since I'd love to express more, but the language barrier stops me to give more nuances of my experiences.

    Again, THANK YOU for allowing The Source to tell me literally in words that I'm doing right and inspiring me to keep going! Thank You for been The Messenger!!!

    Thank You Divine, Thank You VK, Thank You Sharat Sir...and Thank YOU!!!

  • PS: I'd love to know how to post a image here at the forum. Is it possible to teach me? THANKS

  • Wow it's like to the point solution to shoot.

  • THANK YOU Anit Nayak - Supportive VK Teacher for your support reply! It meas a lot to All!!!

  • Wow amazing idea @ROFERLI
    Thankyou for sharing your unique thoughts. This is what @SharatSir 's mission is all about with VK to make us more and more independent healer and unique thinker of ourselves.
    The more we explore the more we expand in this amazing world of energy.

    @ROFERLI Sorry Admins and VK teachers only have access to share image in forum.
    You can still post links with your ideas we will post as is posted by rakhi didi.
  • THANK YOU Puneet-Certified VK Teacher!!!

    You have used the exact verb that I use since I was a child: To Explore. Exploring is my call in this life time and VK with Own Divine Intellect has appeared exactly on the right moment!

    Every "expansion" is an aware part of the process to awake. If, just for a little moment, I look back into my life every expansion was a very important step. However this one is not a step is a jump!

    To be aware that Divine is in everything and everywhere is to be awake and exploring is one of the tools we have for it. With VK this process is much easier!

    For me, this is is our most important mission: we are here to awake. If I try to put in few words what I understood then: Life is about relationship and we are here to awake.

    I understand and agree with you that only Admins and VK teachers have access to share images in this forum.

    To God who is the Beginning and Fountain of Life & Love: THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT!

    Puneet, blessings to your soul, life and wishes.

    ...and Golden Sunrise to All.



    Thank you for your kind words. We all are blessed with Divine blessings and we are messengers to each other.

    Do share your beautiful experiences with VK her on forum as separate posts in VK SUCCESS STORIES.

    About your language , its beautiful. I personally feel our experiences and feelings are beyond language barrier..... Its the words and vibrations through words that touches hearts of people.

    So please feel free to express whatever comes through your heart on VK.

    Regarding pictures, Sharat Sir has guided you can email pictures to [email protected]. We will post the images with your name on forum in your discussion thread.

  • Thank You Rakhi.

    I've just sent the images to the email you gave.

  • Ronald Great going.
    Thank you for sharing. I give you the entire Litairian Forum. You can post as many VK Success Stories as you wish.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts1...


    <3 <3 <3 IT'S LKE A BANQUET THAT FEEDS MY SOUL. <3 <3 <3

    It's so nice to see that ALL OF YOU are very attentive to our presence =)
    I hope it's useful (like it is for me!) to everyone who uses pendulums or muscle testing!!!

    I have more helpful charts that I created, but I'll post if you allow me to do so.


  • I hope you can add the images that I sent to [email protected] since they are in a much better resolution.

  • Amazing innovation,i always need such charts for being precise in dowsing and tarot cards.Great.GS


    In your email the images are similar to ones which are posted above in comments. So will not repost.

    In future when you have new images to share , pl let us know we will post from your email.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts
  • Hi Shipra.

    Thanks for your thanks. It's always nice to meet people who have the same interests. :)

    "Sometimes Accuracy Is a Requirement, Not An Option."

    My biggest problem is that many times I have the need to be precise otherwise I can't move. Most of the times this precision have helped me, but other times this same quality have blocked me to go further. I'm still learning to balance this subject and I can see that I have progressed a lot, but I'm still learning!

    One of the ways to help me out on this matter is by using pendulum or muscle testing method and let me tell you that there is a before and after when requesting Divine VK: ACS and GS while using these two methods.

    One thing that I'd love to share with you and is working for me is to know that the relation between career success and the ability to identify our feelings is much closer than we might imagine. For that a skill to learn is the value of accuracy in emotions.

    In psychology there is a quality called “emotional granularity”. It's found on people with finely tuned feelings. These individuals accurately recognize and experience a broad spectrum of emotions rather than lumping them all together in one general category.

    The importance of finding a specific emotions goes in hand when we use the Chapter 2 of VK's Manual. People with emotional granularity take the time to notice the differences in feelings that are, admittedly, very similar and then react in ways that are more carefully tailored for a particular situation.

    The process of improving our emotional granularity isn’t about simply expanding our vocabulary or using longer descriptions when we talk about our feelings, this is more about defining our inner experience at a given time in a specifically and honestly way. Are we fearful? Or are we anxious, terrified, worried, obsessed or suspicious? Do I feel hurt? Or am I betrayed, let down, disappointed or needy?

    For example:

    “I am so angry.”


    “I am frustrated that my wife got late to go to the birthday party, annoyed that we didn’t have time to wrap the birthday present and anxious about missing the bus that take us to the birthday”

    When we work to clarify our feelings, we’ll gain the information needed to better guide our response and take positive action. By acknowledging the more specific emotions and taking responsibility for the outcomes my next steps are:

    I could send my wife an extra text message reminding her our appointment.
    I could wrap the birthday gift one day before.
    I could prepare a better schedule to keep me and my wife ready for the birthday.

    Many researchs show that those emotionally granular people have an edge when it comes to interactions with colleagues and co-workers. Because they can sense the nuances within different feelings (in themselves and among others), they can measurably increase the quality of their communications and interpersonal relationships. Great leaders have this and because of it they create more collaborative environments and manage their teams more effectively.

    In our personal life being able to evaluate our feelings more precisely help us living longer and healthier lives, lowering the levels of inflammation throughout our bodies, and even reducing the likelihood of drinking when stressed or retaliating with violence when provoked. Whether we are at work or at home, emotional granularity gives our brain more tools to handle whatever challenges come our way.

    Once we find out the name of the emotion we can request our Divine Friend to release the parent negative emotion and their offspring. With this Divine Help we can now consciously go further and take the necessary action needed. In other words, VK is a tool for our soul to handle whatever challenges come our way and from there we take action.

    On this forum I have read many comments where people have used one Divine Serum instead of another. Or have requested Divine VK a thing, but what the person wanted was something different.

    There are many well written articles here that have helped me on this and others subjects and maybe will help you too.

    Here are just a few:


    <3 What to do When You are not Getting Results With VK?

    <3 Three Basic Parts of Any Request to VK.


    <3 Know Few Simple Rules before Placing a Request to VK.

    <3 How Do You Request When You Can’t Think or Don’t Know Which Energy to Be Used.

    <3 How to Communicate, Connect & Place a Request to VK.

    <3 How to Use VIBBES KADA with Simplicity and Ease?

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all that have listened the call of Divine VK.

    Thanks and Golden Sunrise to Sharat Sir for being the Divine Bridge!


    I understand your point. I just want to add my opinion also.

    There reason that I asked to post the images I sent by email are:

    1. Much easier than clicking the link I gave for printing them.
    2. People have no distractions Like Imgur's logo as the one you posted
    3. People have a much better (graphically speaking) resolution.
    4. The texts and the images on the original are much sharper.

    You are right in not reposting the images, otherwise the post would be too long.

    So if people (who are like me) get distract with the images here they can go to the links I gave.

    This is where they can find the original for downloading and printing:

    I will have in mind the day I feel like sharing anything else I'll send it by email first.

    God Bless You <3


  • GS Roferli.Yes thats true.Great going thanks.
  • @ROFERLI Golden sunrise. Great insights with dowsing. Thank you.
  • Hi @Remo
    Thank You <3
    One day I will post different charts if VK's family get interested.

  • I am in tears of gratitude!!! I don’t even have any words to express how I am feeling right now. Thank you for all of you here and all your help any support!!! Thank you to everyone and Shart Sir for VK and thanks for the learning that continues on! Blessings !!!!!!! <3

  • Great work by Ronald. One of the images is captioned `VK manual chapters'. Where can i find these chapters? Do respond. Thanks, Mahesh

  • @mahesh
    VK manual chapters are converted to VK BASICS PROCEDURES on this forum and litairian VK articles
  • ThankRakhiji

  • @ROFERLI enjoyed reading your article. would be great if you could share some of your experiences.

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