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Golden Sunrise Manifestation Project ....Got a job

edited January 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise Everyone
I have a query about Golden Sunrise Manifestation Project. Can we have 2 Manifestation projects at a time when 2 things are equally on priority.

Many Thanks in advance for response and guidance.



  • @Suchitraji Golden Sunrise
    yes you can make two separate Manifestation project for different wishes.
  • Thank you so much Sir for your swift response.

  • Golden Sunrise Everyone.

    In continuation to above query, I need guidance on below situation.

    I was in search of Job for past few months and recently received job offer but that is not as per my expectation as the company has offered me less salary package than my previous one and the job needs travelling as well.

    However considering that this job would be stepping stone for my dream job and for bright career in future, I have decided to accept the offer but still negotiating on take home salary to be same as previous one.

    I am using VK and requesting Golden Sunrise+Total Wealth Serum+Alpha Woman Serum+All Clear Serum+Divine is my constant money provider regularly.

    I had made Golden Sunrise manifestation project for Job since I was searching for my dream job.

    So my query is that should I continue with the Manifestation dream job project as the job which I got is not my dream job and not my dream company as well.

    Many Thanks in advance for your guidance.

  • @Suchitra


    You can continue manifestation if you feel to.
  • @Suchitra

    I can view your situation like this . Past few months you were not VK user neither you did GS manifestation earlier. And just in last few days of using VK and manifestation you got a job.

    Some blockages were removed so you got a offer. Here please raise your energy giving gratitude to your new job. It has given you a way out to your career. Each step is a stepping stone to a bigger dream

    You can take MOOD UP SERUM .
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam,
    Thank you so much for your reply and valuable guidance.
    I had already started taking Mood Up Serum after I received the offer letter.
    As I regularly practice gratitude, I will definitely give gratitude to my new job as well.
    Also an update I was able to successfully negotiate my take home salary to be same as previous one.

    In just few days of time of using VK, Cosmic Serums and Golden Sunrise, I have started seeing things moving positively which was stuck for quite some time.
    As the time passes, I will also share my success stories to everyone.

    @ Sharat Sir- Thank you so much for VK and Cosmic Serums.

  • @Suchitra

    Congratulations for your success . GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts and career. Thank you for sharing.
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