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VK TIP 113 : Beat the cold waves of WINTER ....Wonderful guidance by Sharat Sir


To beat the cold waves of winter, VK can help you wonderfully

This VK Tip is from @SharatSir

:smile: This winter try a miraculous drink...

Take a water bottle and charge this with CAT's EYE GEMSTONE through VK with safety and security intention...
Now take this charged water throughout the day...

:smile: You will feel enough warmth to assure good health.

VK can mimick energy of gemstones just with the title of the gemstone.
Here the energy name/title is CAT's EYE GEMSTONE.

If you cannot take charged water , you can take this energy with other methods using VK. Frequency of healing will depend on the need of energy receiver. Decide the frequency based on your inner guidance. Read VK BASIC POST No. 13 for more information on healing frequency.

:smile: Cat's eye gemstone is believed to be associated with Planet Ketu or south node of the moon....
But here we use it as for healing purpose....with VK its safest to use and you do with intention safety and security.

Beware DIRECT use of Cat's Eye Gemstone can be harmful or beneficial according to your astro chart

:smile: A glass full of water takes almost 8 HOURS (8×60×60=28800 seconds) to be charge fully with specific metal energy or stone's energy when we use specific metal as a glass or put specific stone into the water but when we use VK it takes 15 SECONDS to be charge fully.

Read more about CAT's EYE GEMSTONE in this link

For your questions on how to use VK , please read the BASICS OF VK

Thank you Sharat Sir for this beautiful way of beating Cold Waves of winter.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips to inspire all of us.

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!


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