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My VK success ....Cure health anxiety

edited December 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
I want to tell u all that i had a very bad health anxiety from 1 year
It disturbs my life
I also had many health issuses.
But one day i ready about vk on youtube n google
When i got vk
I started taking combination of ent serum, all clear serum, balance serum, brain serum and golden sunrise
After 2 months my health anxiety is completely cure.
Whether there is no cure for health anxiety in any medical science but it is possible with vk
Now my life runs smothly and i enjoy my daily routines and work
Thanks to vk and
gratitude to Sharat Kumar sir
Thank u so much sir????????????????????????


  • @Shivu95952


    Congratulations. Thats great. Appreciate your patience in self healing. Thank you for sharing. With VK one can heal self in simple ways. . In other modalities you need expert healer.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.
    Keep sharing
  • Thnxx mam
    Golden sunrise
    Thanx sharat sir for save my life
  • This anxiety was related to mind ? Or just the health one ?
  • edited December 2018
    May God Bless you all the success. Stay happy and healthy too
  • Sorry but itz not cure
    Itz back
  • @Shivu95952
    If you get headache and you do something and then its cured . And again if you get headache after some days or few weeks what do you say or do about this headache. Do you say it was not cured or do you work again. Or do you say sorry or do you leave it

    If the body needs continuous nutrition with food even the mind needs freshness and positive attitude.
    Heal your mind and thoughts continuously if you are getting anxiety.
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