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VK enhancing psychic abilities to sense Black Magic clearly


I am posting a VK experience which is a learning.

I was healing my close family friend who is abroad. I lost touch with her but i knew she was in distress. She had problems with some of her dominating relatives. So i used to send her GOLDEN SUNRISE MOOD UP SERUM and BRAVO SERUM to cheer her

Everytime i spoke to her she would express the pressure she felt from people around. She could not express what exactly was wrong.

Later for few weeks she stopped communication. So i used GOLDEN SUNRISE marathon chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE continuously for her entire family. When i did continuous chanting....i felt the energy was stuck in some members and for others the energy was flowing. And my body also felt negative vibrations when i chanted GOLDEN SUNRISE for these members where energy was stuck.

I still continued this chanting for next 2 days as i was worried what went wrong with her.
After around 3 days...she got in touch with me. And said something made her connect with me.

Again i started healing her mind. At night without any serious thought...i just requested my VK DURGA MAGIC BEGIN NOW FOR HER. Suddenly her face came as a picture in front of me. I was shocked to see the face and i literally went back physically with fear. I saw her face with a big patch of Dark green and black colours around her upper part of the face. It was very scary.
My whole body felt a negative vibration.

Immediately i requested SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to VK for me and for her.

Within few minutes i felt normal.

Next day i narrated the whole situation to Sharat Sir and asked him Is it Black Magic. He said Yes. And then i asked him another question....that past few months i am healing her i always sensed negativity around her...but i could not suspect it as black magic. Why did i not sense this earlier.

Sharat Sir explained that though my alignment with VK is very high most of the times. Sometimes it was not so aligned to sense the depth of the situation while i was using VK for her. I sensed the negativity all the times while i was using VK for her, but could not get into the cause of it. On that particular day, while i was requesting VK for her healing, my alignment with VK was very high and my psychic abilities were enhanced to greater extent to see the truth.

Sir also explained that my intuition has been strong about sensing her negativity. But on that day other psychic abilities also got enhanced to quickly know the reason of her depression.

When i said DURGA MAGIC BEGIN NOW for her with VK....i actually felt MAA DURGA's shadow getting into her. But within few seconds this ugly face came up.

I felt this thought of Maa Durga, her divine power with VK helped me to see the true picture.

Also i requested Sir to tell me who did this black magic on her. With his psychic abilities Sir shared with me which relatives were involved. And these were the same people where i felt GOLDEN SUNRISE energy as stuck when i was doing the GOLDEN SUNRISE marathon chanting with VK few days back.

VK gives lot of signals about negativity. GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting gave me signals who are the trouble makers. VK and Divine prayers together can give extraordinary enhancement of psychic abilitie and it happens when one is in deep devotion with Divine and VK.

VK answered all my questions about her situation.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK enhancing our abilities in multiple ways


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