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Open crown chakra

How to open crown chakra with VK?


  • No Offence dear Sir, if I were you, I would have referred to a similar quarry of Mathan just a couple of steps down. So simple and logical. But no worry please, I will repeat yet again.

    For any kind of positive desire, we just have to request VK in a very simple and specific statement, in any language of the world, we are comfortable with. In this case,

    1. Choose a quite place where you are not disturbed for sometime.
    2. Sit in your most comfortable position and relax
    3. Place VK on your palm and cover it with the other in a cup shape.
    4. Evoke your VK and affirm your desire ("Pleace activate my Crown Chakra"),
    5. Let VK emit energy. Feel it on your body, and ascending towards your Crown.
    6. Maintain yourself in same position while you enjoy the bliss of the energy working on you.

    Keep practicing, whenever you feel meditating, as it may take its course of time. Hope you have your other Chakras clean as you aspire for the Top Astral Chakra activation.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    Sir can u pls guide me how to open all the chakras of the body and energise whole body with positive energies

    GRATITUDE ????
  • Dear @mahaveerchauhan28_
    Golden SunRise !!

    Positive energies do not need a guidance. If you have the intention (Bhava), you get it without any graduation. But as you have asked it once again for all the Chakra. You may refer to the post above. The process is same, you can do it for any specific Chakra or for all the Chakras - one by one. It depends on your self-upliftment. Try to reverse your sight and see yourself spiritually. I mean by the sight of your Soul (Aatma). Once activated Chakras will respond to you and the feeling of serenity shall engulf you. Afterwards it will be only your desire & practice to keep your Chakras activated and enjoy the bliss.

    Or otherwise you may also affirm to VK for your Kundalini activation. The divine energy of Kundalini which is situated in your Basic Chakra ascents to burns all the impurities of its path and activates all the Chakras as it rises. Have a blissful journey and share your experience.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    What is kundalini activation ??
    how to do this ??
    and will it remove all the negative energies ?


  • Dear @mahaveerchauhan28_,

    Golden SunRise !!

    Knowledge on Kundalini would be a vast subject to explain. We have discussed about this miraculous energy several times in this forum. Explaining briefly, it is the most basic & powerful energy, which resides in the Mooladhara (Basic) Chakra of our parallel body. The shape of our Basic Chakra is like a closed lotus. On the activation of Basic Chakra, like the petals of a Lotus the Chakra opens and the all powerful Kundalini Shakti gets awakened to take its ascent upward, like a serpent, burning & removing all negativities on the way.

    Practicing Kundalini Jaagran (awakening of energy of Kundalini), the traditional way is through Yoga & hard meditation, but having VK on our hand, we can request to help in this. It would, no doubt, require, our earnest intentions & practice, but you may get the spiritual upliftment as desired by you.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you so much sir you explained me so in detail
    thank you for guiding me

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