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Black magic my son saved with VK

Pranaam @SharatSir and Golden Sunrise all

My son was v sad after his broken friendship wid a girl. Nothing was gd in life and all problems everywhere wid him. I contacted @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher she tells me to take VK for my son. After wearing VK my son got heavy head. Rakhi said wear VK for sometime and increase time slowly. He got less heaviness in some days and wears now all time. I feel that girl did black magic. rakhi said check with water and Hanuman chalisa energy using vk. After drinking that water my son got more heaviness. The water was sweet for me but he told its bitter. Now i got fear. rakhi said give hanuman chalisa with all clear serum everyday many times. He felt taste of water sweet after few days. Then again same thing very irritated and stuck life. So agin he drank same water his head was heavy with vomitting feeling. I make him drink continuously same healing water. Vomiting happened. But my son trusted me and he still took water. And i sent prayers thr my VK with Hanuman Chalisa chanting. And slowly he got good feelin after some days. His obstacles in job was too much no work in completion but now after healing wid VK it is gd. He got promotion and now he loves this water saying its sweet. Everyday he drinks it on his own. He changed his mind from that girl. I give him Shield of seven ray protection when he leaves the home. My son is happy now. Gratitude Sharat Sir and all VK teachers helping us.


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