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How to get back my money through vk

Dear Masters,

I need to get my money back from a person.. He has promised to give it last week but when i was calling him he stopped answering my calls and not responding to my messages..
I am drinking charged water of TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE since a week but still haven't received the amount..

Please suggest me what more can I do with VK to get it back as its a huge amount..

Thank you


  • @anuchoco


    When there is a situation where you are involved with another person even the other person may require energy.

    So only healing self may or may not give desired reaults or may take time for desired results..

    I would like to point out to you that you are a new VK user....please read the BASICS OF VK.everyday. Your earlier posts also mentioned why VK is not working. I asked you few questions....but you just said sorry wrong question......did not reply to any of my or @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher question.

    Please understand this Forum is not for spoon feeding answers . The answers are already there on litairian website and in many posts on this forum.

    We believe in Participative learning. And we adopt this queationing way of teaching for better learning. If you do not participate how can we help you.

    Please read Post no 13 in BASICS OF VK....for healing frequency....what is mentioned by Sharat Sir ....please read that everyday.

    You need to develop patience within you for reading learning and practising. And one cannot define timelines in energy has to heal and leave the results to Divine energies.

    Regarding your question in this post....please check the Section on VK SUCCESS STORIES, there are many experiences posted on money recovery.

    I request you to use SEARCH option with keywords on Litairian website and on this forum....the answers to many questions are already there.

    We would appreciate new questions for new learnings.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your learning
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for your patience in giving me a detailed explanation and guiding me..

    As a new VK user I wanted to know if the way i am doing is correct or not or is there any other way where i can learn and put it in to practice..

    Thanks for your efforts..
  • @anuchoco

    Check the posts on BASICS OF VK ...and get your answers on procedural questions.

    I know a 2 yr old baby in India and an 86 yrs young VK user man in UK.

    They both are not on litairian forum. They both use VK wonderfully because they dont have procedural barriers in their minds !!

    You need to give time for yourself to learn and practise.

    How many years did you take for schooling or Graduation.....and now for VK you have not given even 10 days to learn.

    There are many ways to needs to be in learning and accepting mode.

    First learn the basics with want to heal all major situations in your life which has been for long time
    both parents chronic health issues,
    acceptance from the man whom you like,
    accepatance from his parents,
    mans career ,
    stuck money....
    while you are still learning to follow the basics.

    On that you again get impatient.

    I feel you need to practise with smaller aspects of life wirh VK...experience some changes and then move to bigger ones. Your impatience is creating lot of anxiety in you. First you should prioritise your healing for your own mind and maybe your parents immediate health needs

  • @anuchoco
    I want to share my initial journey with VK,
    When i got blessed with VK two years back.
    It took 1 month time for me to read the VK pdf and understand the Basics.
    While Now @SharatSir made it easy and convenient for users through this Forum and Litairian Website.

    After Basics i made priorities for which i started healing one by one. Sometime two issues at a time.

    I want to share one of the best learning for me is Patience and Faith on VK and Divine energies.
    Whenever we got doubt it slows the process of healing.
    There is no calculation process how much energy and time is required for a healing to get completed.
    Please Allow VK to work on a healing, the more random thoughts the more it slow down healing.

    You can read VK SUCCESS stories for how patiently Users do and find answers with VK.
    Golden Sunrise to all your efforts.
  • @anuchoco
    I want to add one of my experience specifically related to issue you mentioned in this post.
    One of the issues when I was blessed with VK was to get somehow my own and my mum's stuck money back.
    I got mine money back within few months but my mum's money is still stuck although my healing is continued for over a year now. But here I want to say when I am giving her Total wealth serum everyday she is having her money needs fulfilled from other sources. This is success to me as she has got abundant money to survive .
    Although the huge money is still stuck but why moan if your needs are fulfilled.
    So work with patience you will get results which are best for you.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher
    Thanks for the continues support and guidance..
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