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Kadda acha hai , compliments from motherinlaw in pain for VK

edited September 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Saturday my mother in law slipped and injured her left arm. The pain was so severe that she could not lift her arm, she was so sure that she had a fracture. I immediately gave pain care serum + perfect health serum +heal now. Gave one of my VKs to her to rotate on her arm or keep it where she feels more pain. Just on the first day she felt that 40-50% relieved. Now after 3 days she is perfectly fine n fine and back to her daily routine. Thanks to VK and Sharat Sir for a divine invention.My Mother-in-law told me "tera kadda bahut acha hai"


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE sir/madam,

    Can we charge water with "heal now".
    You said ,

    . I immediately gave pain care serum + perfect health serum +heal now.

    or it is a direct request...? Or VOB.
  • Can be given directly or in water too.
  • @Sonia - Supportive VK Teacher

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Nice title..


    Heal now is the intention for every healing

    When you are sending any healing....the intention should be heal speeds up the healing.....even while charging water one can keep this intention

    Sharat Sir teaches for some healings like health wealth mind ...we should have the intention HEAL NOW FOREVER.

    One time wish like getting a job or some admissions...we can keep intention heal now.

    Pl also read BASIC POST no 12 for explaination given by Sharat Sir.
  • Thank you ..

    Sonia madam
    Rakhi madam
  • Thanks rakhiji
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