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How to manage consumption of Multiple Serums


Currently, I am regularly taking** Balance Serum, Fem Serum, Alpha Woman Serum and Beauty Serum** to overcome with all beauty and Fem problems and to enhance Femininity.

Today, I read in detail about Flab Down Serum and Gym Serum. Actually I want to loose Belly Fat and extra fat from thigh and to get my body in shape again. I always wanted to go for Swimming but due to lack of time I can not join it. My weight is proper as per BMI - 21.5 [Height is 5'00" and weight is 50 KG.] I have good control on my diet too, I used to eat Salads and Fruits more and hardly I eat junk food.. But due to 9 Hour sitting job, my belly fat increased.
As I am diabetic I had already charged my medicines with Key Pen Serum, Balance Serum and Perfect Health Serum.

I want to continue usage of Fem Serum, Alpha Woman Serum and Beauty Serum combination but I also want to take GYM Serum and Flab Down Serum too.. How can I manage??

I want to gift myself all the benefits mentioned for GYM and Flab Down Serums....
Please guide me how can I use all of these Serums??


  • @APURVA_11
    Your Serum Combination is good you can continue with it till your wish.
    I hope you are reading VK basics and Articles on our Website.

    Please use GOLDEN SUNRISE in every combination by default to enhance effects.

    You can use BEAUTY SERUM to charge all your beauty products cosmetics.

    Please read point 23 in FLAB DOWN SERUM for your query of belly fat.

    You can take GYM SERUM early morning or twice a day.

    PLEASE NOTE @SharatSir guided to charge your Medicines with GOLDEN SUNRISE only.

    For Diabetes please charge another water bottle with the Combination.
    • Ohh.. I had charged medicines with Golden Sunrise and KeyPen Serum.
    • Yes Sir I am aware that Golden Sunrise is default and I am using this..
    • Yes I found many answers from VK Basics this Form and from Success Stories.
    • I read 23 Nu Point, and I will start doing this by today.
    • Thank You Puneet Sir for explaining nicely.

    Thank you Sharat Sir..
    Thank You VK..
    Thank You Rakhi Mam..

  • Thanks for your thanks Please do share your experiences with us to motivate other users.
    Gratitudes to @SharatSir
  • Sure Sir.. I will share

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