Bad relations between husband and wife

Dear Mentors, Golden Sunrise
Yesterday I received my second VK, which I have to use to heal my nephew(sister"s son) who and his family is in great trouble. This might be a long writing sorry for it.
My nephew aged 34yrs was a bright student having Btech and MBA, but he did not get deserving job and slowly slowly he lost interest in life and come under depression and undergone to treatment. In between he did jobs in various companies but never for a longer period.When ever there is some stress he left the job. Around 7 yrs back he was married at that time he was ok and was in a reasonable job too. But after some times the same thing started again (job karani aur chorni).
In mean time her wife got a govt job on adhock basis and he also got a suitable job in the same place. But after some time again the same thing started .His parents providing him full financial support for running there life.
In between he started drinking alcohol moderately but now a days drinking daily and heavely and if parents told him to stop this he moved out of home and some time say loudly beej mantra of various types like hreem, krim etc.
4 months back a baby boy born in there family and his wife also got permanent cader in her job. But the activities of his not improved.
Now the relationship between them becomes vary bitter and his wife and in-laws forcing for a separation, but from our side we do not want to break relation . His parents are doing everything to save the relationship. Doing many kind of pooja, visiting astrologers,baba"s etc.
Last month I went to there place after a long time and observed a very negative environment in there home, Initially they are hiding all these but my sister told me the whole story.
Now i have to heal the situation by direct request method for a long distance and we can not give him charged water as he think it other wise .Only me and my sister knows it.
For last 4 days I am giving following healing-
1-Charged there RO water container,room freshner,all out refills with the energy G.S.,SO7R, All clear serum,Anti addiction serum and Balance serum by photo method.
2-Giving GS,Calm Down Serm and One Soul Serum to both the families by writing down there names in a circle.
3-Sending GS,Batch Flower Rescue Remedy,Anti Addiction serum,All Clear Serum and Balance serum.(All 5 in one request) by distance direct request method.
4-Sending GS,Anti addiction serum,All clear serum,Alpha male serum,Total wealth serum (all 5 in one req) by same direct request .
5-Sending direct request of SO7R and All clear serum to there relationship (nephew and his wife)
Request you to kindly guide how can we bring there life in to right track.
There separation can be avoided.
Nephew get a suitable job and Uska man usme lage.
And the situation become joyfull for both the families.
Alcohol addiction be removed.
kind regards


  • @opu1969

    CALM DOWN SERUM should not be given to the man ....he is already low. (If its included along with name in OSS healing)
    Or in this healing add BACH FLOWER REMEDY HOLLY instead of CDS if his name is added.

    You can give him MOOD UP SERUM to make him cheerful..

    His alcohol bottles can be charged with ANTI ADDICTION SERUM distantly.

    In relationships you can keep intention whatever is best for both husband and wife....should happen.

    You can also request VK to break his pattern of job change and bless him with a stable well deserving job.

    ALL CLEAR SERUM can also be sent with specific intention ... to break the changing jobs old pattern
  • Thanks for valuable suggestions.
  • Thanks for your suggestions,some times they threatening of lodging dowry case as there is no such kind of matter from our side.

  • @opupadhyay

    You can use SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for protection
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