Psychic Surgery Reiki with VK

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Would like to know when and kind of scenarios where physchic surgery can be mimicked ?

Basically what's physchic surgery?


  • Vk mimics psychic surgery of reiki method

    Most of the stones ,cysts. extra growth, hernia, piles are pattern of negative thoughts manifesting into excess growth and hindering normal functioning is removed with psychic surgery thru vk

    With VK you don't need Reiki experience as VK mimics it thru it's wisdom. That's the beauty of VK.

    For psychic surgery process can be done in any of these ways.

    Method 1
    1. Request VK Psychic surgery to .......organ name and keep on that organ for 30 min. Can be done twice a day.
    2. Write name of the patient on paper and request
    VK Psychic surgery to right eye (example) . Say this 3 times and keep VK on paper for 30 mins. Can be done twice a day.
    3. Request Vk psychic surgery to all my reproductory organs (for uterine cysts or fibroid ) and wear it . Wait for 30 min. Can be done twice a day.

    Please note Psychic surgery cannot be done by charging drinking water.

    The number of sessions will depend on the severity of the illness and intention ie purity of Vk healers mind.
    Any of the method can be chosen .

    Please note you can continue vital organ balancing and required serum energies.

  • We can do psychic surgery for non living things also.

    I did Psychic Surgery for my Car's clutch which became stiff. Just in one session, the clutch became free.

  • Woww.. That's really an amazing explanation.. I will practice it and let you know my experiences..

    Thanks a lot Rakhi Ji..:-)
  • Psychic Surgery of car clutch and car gear box is a tip shared by Sharat Sir.

  • mam my watter pipe is leaking under the tile , can i do psychic surgery . thank you

  • @Pkd12121

    You can do and share your experience.

    You can also give Dr Fixit energy. However if it requires repair please take that option.

  • OK thank you mam.

  • A friend of mine has breast cancer ..2nd stage. She's going through chemo and radiation and her breast is going to be removed. Can I do psychic surgery for her?

  • @Saibisa
    You can send Care Serum, Golden sunrise and Maha MRITYUNJAYA MANTRA for her and do VOB ie Vital Organ Balancing of the breast.

    Here Psychic Surgery can be done.
  • For doing Psychic surgery I should say "VK Psychic surgery to breast"

  • @Saibisa

    Yes. You can send healing to any specific organ by requesting for that particular organ.

  • @Saibisa

    For any type of cancer, please also watch SELF READING MEDITATION ON MAHA MRITUNJAY MANTRA by Sharat Sir everyday. You can do it on behalf of any other person with intention for that person.

  • Can i do physic surgery for my brother's ear , from my brother's ear some kind of liquid is coming out always. Always he is keeping a cotton inside the ear.And what all serum can i give to my brother to cure the ear problem. Only one ear is having the problem.

  • @vivek

    Yes you can do PS for that affected ear.

  • If we intend that person particular area and keep vk aside for 30 minutes is it work. Affected person in front of me.
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