मेरे घर का तापमान बाहर के मौसम से ठंड मे 15-20डिग्री कम रहता है इसे सामान्य कैसे करें

सर,गोल्डन सनराईज,सभी वीके युजर्स को.
मै,ग्राउंड फ्लोर पर एक छोटे से घर मे रहता हूं,मेरे घर के उत्तर एवं पश्चिम मे खुला है,पू्र्व और दक्षिण मे दो बडी इमारते है।मेरे घर में ठंड के दिनों मे बाहर के मौसम से 15-20 डिग्री तापमान कम रहता है,गर्म कपडे हमेशा पहनने पडते है,घर को कौनसी एनर्जी दूं,ताकि घर ठंड के दिनों मे गर्म रहे।


  • @Shirish ji


    I am not able to answer in Hindi script due to technical reasons.

    Answering in english.

    For temperature changes....this is my experience

    As a part of my NGO activities i used to teach in a school where the classrooms used to be heated. I used to find it difficult to teach comfortably. And i used to wonder how the kids were coping up.

    So before or during my visit to school....i used to request VK to cool or modify the environment of the classroom for coolness and comfort ....intention towards me and the children.

    With this i dont know if the temperature changed ...but my class was very easy. No sweating no discomfort.

    Sometimes i also requested AC cool effect for my classroom. It used to be pleasant.

    I have also requested coolness at home sometimes when power failure occured late night...twice it so happened that it rained...it was not rainy season.

    Similarly...you can experiment at your place requesting for comfortable temperature or environment at home.

    You can even try OPTIMUM SAFE HEATER EFFECT FOR COMFORTABLE COSY STAY OF PEOPLE...with heater effect you can do with safety and security.

    The frequency of request will depend on need of situation.

    In my case someimes i had to do once in 3 hrs...sometimes just once in 6 hrs.

    Experiments and see what suits your case best and share your experiences
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