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Does every Human being born on this earth have a soulmate...?
Generally we mention wife or husband as a soulmate...

If it is true..then why are failures in marriages.?Divorce,second marriages...extra...

I have heard somewhere in other yoga modality that there is nothing like soulmate, we came to earth as a single soul and again go back as a single soul....

In a humanbeings life there are many relationships......but the relationship of a wife or husband is different...which lasts for a long time giving birth to new this kind of important relationship what is the role of a soulmate.

Does soulmate really exists.?this was a doubt for me from so many days...

I think this forum is the right platform which gives me perfect answer.

If my question is irrelevent ,please forgive me.

Thank you .


  • @Madhursr

    Before posting any thoughts....i wish to ask you questions....

    what is the meaning of the word MATE.

    What or who is a SOUL ?

    So who can be a SOULMATE....

    Since you mentioned about Marriage ....why was marriage institution started many years back.

    What about people who are not married/single...can they have a MATE for SOUL.

    What are your personal thoughts on soulmate based on your own life experiences?

    Leave aside what you read or heard from others.

    I personally believe in asking questions to self .... to know answers to certain questions...

    Because here on this thread.... some may respond based on knowledge and experiences....noone may be perfect yet right in their own again it could become READ SOMEWHERE....for you

    Pl dont ask for forgiveness...though its not a question related directly to VK/ could be thought provoking for many.
  • Pl dont ask for forgiveness...though its not a question related directly to VK/VS...
    Thank you madam, for understanding me.

    In my opinion soulmate is someone who connects to us in soul level, i mean wholeheartedly without any regrets..
    without whom we feel as if we cannot live , though the person hurts us or we suffer due to their behaviour ....still we forgive them and accept as they are....

    .but in relationships like parents -children......there is no alternative, we must and should accept and bear them till we live.

    In other kind of relationships ,we can just ignore the people who hurt us.

    Regarding marriage relationships like wife or husband,there are options like divorce,second marriage.....
    but in some situations ,people live together for sake of their children without any true love and bonding.

    I have seen the word SOULMATE in this litairian website, VK forum also
    ". Three Basic Parts of Any Request to VK by
    SharatSir..........".Love Serum TO MY WISH OF MARRYING MY PERFECT SOULMATE."

    We also know the saying ..."marriages are made in heaven"

    If the word soulmate is concerned to a wife or husband, marriages are made by Divine then why divorce.? Then why second marriage ?

    Yes madam as you said what about the people who are not married...who is their soulmate..?
    Then we should have a soul friend, soul guru, soul brother, soul sister...

    What is the actual meaning of a SOULMATE..?

  • @Madhursr

    Is your question on SOULMATE or failing/falling relationships

  • If a person gets SOULMATE then there will not be any failing /falling relationships,madam.

    So, my question is on SOULMATE.

  • @Madhursr

    MATE is someone who is with another. SOULMATE is a mate of the soul.

    A soul is beyond body and mind....but dwells in a person/living or non-living.

    A soulmate is one from whom a soul may benefit in some way.

    In the journey of life, a soul lives and learns through the body. In any relationship, the mind and body may get one may call it FALLING or FAILING.

    I feel the soul DOES NOT fall or fail....its only the body and mind that feels FAILED OR FALLEN. Soul goes through the journey of learning.....learning ....learning.

    In any relation, be it parent- child, sibling-sibling or husband-wife and so on....its our CHOICE to be happy or be hurt.

    Is your happiness depending on others or yourself ? If your happiness depends on others may keep getting hurt or feel burdened or suffocated with expectations and responsibilities.

    One can choose to remain happy in broken relationship or one can choose to cry on petty things even if surrounded by abundance.

    In case of marriage, people who depart in divorce or otherwise....its again a choice either of one or both partner.

    Irrespective of relationship, every soul has a learning journey.
    In departing/failing/falling/happy/joyful/friendly relations.....every soul takes a lesson. This lesson may be seen in bitterness, suffocation, in forgiveness or happiness ONLY BY THE BODY OR MIND. But the SOUL LEARNS EVERYTHING PEACEFULLY.

    Two children are born to same mother as TWINS. They are almost in same surrounding at least for 10 to 20 years normally....but they live differently. They live with their own choice.

    Most of the hurt and expectation failure between 2 people happens because of their mindset.

    Marriage as a ritual was instituted many years back to know the identity of a child. In ancient times, there was no legal or ritual bonding between men and women that they have to be together or committed. There were lesser negative emotions and more joy.

    As marriage became a ritual and later legalised.....people also started having a mindset change. There came a place for differences , unreasonable expectation and dominance in some cases. With legality, they could also separate. But the society started seeing this as a TABOO, not accepting people the way they want to live their own lives.

    The souls must have learnt what they would be supposed to learn and departed from each other peacefully to live their remaining journey. The body and minds of these partners, their families, friends and society choose to remain unhappy or hurt or happy and peaceful, moving ahead or remain stuck.

    There are no burdens in relationships, it is more of CHOICES and EXPECTATIONS.

    Parents and children can be happy when they are away if they choose to be happy without expectations. They can be unhappy staying together ....if they choose to feel hurt or burdened with responsibilities.

    Now in case of PERFECT SOULMATE....on Litairian website. It means a perfect union of two souls being together forever benefiting in multiple ways....the body and mind also feel happy with soul, individually and together.

    There is love care respect and whatever each person requires individually and in harmony with the other partner in body, mind along with soul.

    If a person remains unmarried or single, they would still have a soulmate , from whom they would be benefitting.

    Even in a happy married life, any of the spouse, could still have a SOULMATE outside marriage , where they would be benefitting at soul level. This relation at soul level would be pure and benefitting....nothing to do with lust or negative intentions.

    A SOULMATE is beyond marriage, body and mind. Marriage is a man devised ritual for systematic living of families, where each member benefits and loves each other.

    A person can have many soulmate through the journey of living body. They keep learning and be together or depart or keep moving.

    SOULMATE is beyond body, beyond gender, beyond caste or religion and beyond relations made by a body.

  • @Madhursr

    @SharatSir says


  • Thank you soooooo much madam,
    For a detailed , marvellous explanation...

    If possible can you please tell me about "Art of living".

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

    I am very much blessed by Divine to be a member of VK forum.

    VK please bless Sharath Sir, Rakhi madam, all VK teachers with perfect Health, wealth,abundance,peace Joy and Happiness NOW FOREVER.

    Thank you.

  • @Madhursr

    Art of living is to BE HAPPY AND SPREAD IT ...TO OTHERS
  • After VK s arrival , i am able to see my life on positive side..
    Now i feel myself as a New Madhuri. Filled with Braveness,trying to be at peace.
    VK is helping me a lot in each and every moment.

    This VK forum is not only a Teacher,Guide or Guru...
    I feel as a Friend wholeheartedly.which helps me to lead a happy life.

    VK forum is my i right madam...?

    Thank you

  • @Madhursr

    Thanks for the appreciating words and blessings to all of us.

    Till now i have heard from many VK users they feel VK is their soulmate. For me VK is my Partner in every breathe and heartbeat.

    First time i am listening that Litairian Forum is also a soulmate.

    We are all blessed with Sharat Sir for gifting us endlessly with GOLDEN SUNRISE VK VS COSMIC SERUMS....His unlimited knowledge sharing on litairian website.

    Reading his articles ....people have gained so much knowledge that they call themselves experts in those fields....the knowledge is free from him on website.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir and Divine for infinite blessings multiple ways.
  • @Madhursr

    Thanks for sharing your experience with VK

    Love your enthusiasm both in asking questions and sharing your VK and VS experiences wholeheartedly.

    Stay like this. Your ways of sharing experiences also forms a part of ART OF LIVING taught to us by Sharat Sir.

    With your are already spreading happiness to others.

    Many would read....but not all would share and spread happiness in this way.

    Thank you again for your expressing ways.

    On behalf of Litairian Team i pray...May Divine bless you a GOLDEN SUNRISE Life !!
  • Thank you so much madam

  • Thank you Ji
  • Beautiful explanation about soulmate Rakhi ma'am.. Thank you..
    Regarding the art of living,
    Sometimes we end up unhappy because our expectations don't get fulfilled.. and acceptance takes time...

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