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Re Certified VK Teacher

Greetings Sharat Sir and the team
Is there a special course to be taken to become a certified VK teacher? If yes is there an amount to be paid? And how long is the course?


  • I choose VK Users to become Certified VK Teachers based on qualities they have...

    Well versed with VK ways and Basics of VK working...
    Self motivated...
    Ever enthusiastic...
    Willingness to experiment with VK in new ways...
    Teach others selflessly...
    Always willing to share their knowledge and experiences...
    Special quest to gain knowledge from me and from other VK users...
    Always in learning mode...
    Participate proactively to contribute on Litairian website and Litairian forum...

    VK learning is limitless so no timeline. VK has infinite possibilities.... so learning is
    life- long for every VK users including me.

    We all are learning about VK every moment.

    I do not take money. I choose people who deserve to be in my Divine mission to change lives and spread joy to every corner of the globe.
  • Dear Sir,
    God bless you all the resources to spread the joy every corner. We are blessed to be in your guidance.

  • Thankyou @SharatSir for this beautiful answer.
    Gratitude and thankyou for i am so blessed to be part of Team VK.
    For me Deserving is the Blessing of @SharatSir ji and Divine to give me this opportunity to make a purposeful life.
    Thankyou Sir :heart:
  • @SharatSir

    Thank you for the blessings Sir.


    May DIVINE bless many joining hands in this Divine Mission.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts for this loving and peaceful world.

  • @SharatSir
    All gratitude to Divine and You to have me as part of your vision and Team Litairian.
    Thanks for giving this platform of learning infinitely.
  • VK please bless me with all the qualities Sharath Sir mentioned to be a member of Divine Mission NOW for EVER.
  • Dear Sharat Sir
    Thank you very much Sir for your reply...I m so happy I got a respond from you Sir.
    May VK bless me with all the qualities as mentioned by you so one day you can make me apart of your Team as well. :)

  • Thank you Sharat Sir
    Thank you VKay
    "VK please upgrade me to my higher version"

  • Golden Sunrise
    Although I am a new VK user
    Since day one I request infinite source along with my VK,that prabhu please help me to attain all qualities to become Teacher as qualities fixed by Sharat sir,
    To serve more people.
    Divine Love to Sharat Sir
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