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VK Miracle....relationship

edited November 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

I did not have good relation with my elder brother from childhood.

Ever since i got my VK i sent energy of GS,OSS,ACS to me n my brother. After sometime i begin to see a difference in him. He started talking to me on phone. He goes to shopping with me when he comes home on weekend. slowly slowly his innermost attitude and behavior towards me changed.

Nowadays, whenever he goes for an important work he calls me and request me to send energy.

And the best part is he has also started using VK and he is learning how to use VK.

I am so Greatful to God and Thank you Sharat Sir for This wonderful tool VK.
VK has changed my life in so many ways which is unexplainable.
I am so Happy.
Thank you very much again. Amanpreet


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