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250th VK SUCCESS story of the Forum; VK help me to completely finish my 8 years old Income Tax case.

:smile: Golden Sunrise to all.

:3 Tons of Gratitudes to Sharat Kumar Sir Today i am sharing one of my biggest Success and achievement with VK.

:star: My divine friend #VK comes to my rescue for one of biggest issue of my life. I am going through a land sale purchase case in Income Tax department for past 8 years that gave me lots of headache and mental harassments.
To attend the government offices, waiting for turn unnecessary time wastage is always a kind of toruture for any normal person.
Sometime i had fear of loosing my credits in penalty.
The above deals of mine were free of income tax act and so on i have submitted my papers and necessary details, statements to the said authorities many a times.
During this time period i got department letters at every year or in gap of 2 years.
Lots of officers are changed during this time period.

:star: Everything was going fine before Six month ago i received a notice from the tax department to attend in the said case.
I attended on the call and told to submitted some more papers.
To find and collecting papers for 8 years priors is a heavy task to and when you were dealing to rural authorities is itself a challenge.

:star: The Best part is i am a VK user now for 2 years and have 5 VK's in family to boost my requests.
To find necessary documents
I requested my VK please activate GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH (needed document) NOW.
Past 6 months i am doing these requests with my VK and multiple VK.

"To activate GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM to the paper process".
"To make ways for me to get out of this situation now and forever."
"To finish my income tax case now and forever."
However this time i have been stated more times by the department before years gone and three times the ITO are changed in 6 months.
Still i keep giving LOVE SERUM to the ITO dealing with my case.

In between the meetings i request VK for GOLDEN SUNRISE, TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, BRAVO SERUM, ALPHA MALE SERUM and SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS to my self for confidence and courage.

Daily I am charging my Submitted documents with GOLDEN SUNRISE, TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, ALL CLEAR SERUM and SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS.
Requested my DIETY MAA DURGA to finish the case.

:star: Now after six months of random attendings hearings and requests healings with VK patiently Today (on 24 Nov2018) i got Orders from the ITO to finish the case in my favour without any penalties and charges.

:heart: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou my darling VK to get me out of this tough phase.
:innocent: Gratitudes to #SharatSir :heart:


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