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One more experience with my VK and VS for wealth miracles and health skin healing

edited September 2019 in VIBBES SEEDER

After installing VS in my home, my mother got her VK.
As she stays in home , she is getting miraculous benifits .....
She got a plot registered in her name for which she was wishing for a long time,
She got an android phone,
She got money from my grandmother which we have n't expected....

My mother is happy now for
all positive unexpected chages

We can simply say ,all her wishes are coming true now without much effort.

whenever she gets cold she used to suffer for more than a week seriously, but when i gave charged water for her,within half day she was releaved from severe cold ......i think as she stays in positive energies, she is cured fastly.

I give beauty serum, all clear serum for my daugter daily....there was a miraculous change in the colour of the skin ...

Our lives are changing more positively than before in all areas a very short time...
Which i have n't expected....

Thank you Sharath Sir,
Thank you VK
Thank you VS
Thank you all teachers of litairian family.

Thank you so much.


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