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De addiction FROM VK Success

edited August 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Hello friends, here again I m with VK THE GREAT's success story. Thanks to Sir n his team.
One of my friend is very worried about his son as he is heavy alcohol drinker(from last 10 to 12 yrs) but with very strong willpower so taking occasionally but when tk too much. He can't control. So I asked VK team they suggested serums ANTI ADDICTION ALL CLEAR SERUM BALANCE SERUM and sometimes when he was stressed then MOOD UP SERUM by writing name of paper.

But after few days I m just giving simple intentions that he should quit alcohol with his own wish without any pressure.

N surprised that he left alcohol for ever. Thanks Thanks... We blessed .....VK....The great. Now my friend is very very happy.
So nothing is impossible with VK. N just simple intention is enough. So it's so easy.
Thank you v much Sharat Sir.


  • @Sujata ji


    This is so wonderful to read.

    Would like to share something ....
    I know some VK users who start healings with Cosmic Serums and then change to only intentional healing...and some like me are in love with combination of Cosmic Serums and intentional healing for critical healing like addictions.

    When we use Cosmic Serums....they work on multiple levels. It begins to melts the minds of the energy receivers. Which has happened in case of your healing too.

    With your intentions , when you are highly aligned with VK can break difficult mindsets too.

    This has happened in your case. After some melting with Cosmic Serum....the addicted energy receiver has received powerful energies through VK with your intentions. And it worked....the person left alcohol habit on his own...

    A another way is continue with Cosmic Serums till you get resuits....of course intention plays role here too....but most of the healing occurs with Cosmic Serums.

    I appreciate your patience and determination to help a person and indirectly his whole family for a new beginning

    Request you to continue healing for few weeks for this person.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful inspiring post. Please keep sharing

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for Cosmic Serums and Intentional VK changing many lives and saving relationships.
  • Gratitude , Thanks Rakhiji
  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. It's an inspiration to all VK users that nothing is impossible if you have clear intention to achieve something.
  • It's amazing and effective process of healing. Thanks @Sujata Ji for sharing your process of Healing.

  • Congratulations :)
  • Thanks all. Yes nothing is impossible, VK is great. Gratitude to all.
  • Thankyou @Sujata mam for sharing another amazing VK experience with us.
    Golden Sunrise to all your efforts.
  • Thank you very much puneetji.
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