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How to remove CLUTTER from home

edited February 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
One of my friend's husband is fond of old things and keep bringing them home e.g electronics that need to be repaired etc.but they all add upto clutter in their home.and their family blames her that she doesn't keep the house tidy when it's not her fault.believe me there is all sort of clutter in their home and no space to move in . How can I help her with VK to get rid of all this stuff?please guide me.she can't remove anything from home as the husband will shout on her


  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    You can send GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM to those products with the intention that they get repaired now and leave her home and go to the owners happily.

    If you feel there are things which cannot be or does not need repair, send ACS with intention that they move out happily now and goes to a place where they would be used in some ways.

    In this way, we respectfully remove the clutter without hurting anyone/anything

    If required send CALM DOWN SERUM to her husband and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to her.

    All Clear Serum works very well to remove clutter.

  • Thanks Rakhi di for this guidance
    Following this guidance the issue is sorted.and to everyone's surprise my friend's home is free of all clutter. The task seemed to be impossible with the stubborn nature of her husband but they actually earned some money as well by selling some stuff
    Thanks a lot VK and Sharat sir for this beautiful gift
  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    Thanks Barinder for always sharing your experiences with everyone.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts to help others.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK always helping us for good !!

  • Wow Clear Tips.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • WOW... Thanks for sharing!
    I wanted to post my success story related to All Clear serum since two days...but as my son was not sleeping at night didnt get time to do so... as of now he is sleeping...
    I charged a glass of water with ACS and sprinkled it in my house... from that day on I have started cleaning my house gradually... And I am feeling happy about it
    Hopefully it will be well organised and neat and tidy soon...:-)

  • Wow that's simple solution given by Sharat Sir.

  • I have started too from today. I sprinkle water charged with ACS and Shield of 7rays all in my home n even my main door so negativity stays out..hope I will get results soon.Sheild of 7rays is to protect my home from negative people coming
  • It will happen for sure @Kari
  • @Kari I will also add Shield of 7 rays... thanks kari for sharing!

  • @Sulatha sure@PJ-Certified VK Teacher yees waiting fr things to turn more positive
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