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VK TIP 108 : Blessings from TULSI VIVAH PUJA, peace and prosperity to couples, family members

:heart: TULSI VIVAH begins today on Kartik Ekadashi and continues till Kartik Poornima.

Tulsi Vivah is celebrated by Hindu , which is a stylized marriage of the Tulsi Plant (Basil) to Lord Vishnu in his avatar of Lord Krishna/ Shaligram.

It signifies beginning of wedding season for Hindus.

:smile: It is believed that Tulsi is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, adored to Lord Vishnu.

It is also believed that Tulsi is VishnuPriya, beloved of Lord Vishnu.

:smile: In puranas, there is a mention ....that Tulsi Plant was a woman with name VRINDA, married to Demon King Jalandhar. Due to her piety and devotion to Lord Vishnu, it became difficult to defeat Jalandhar. Lord Vishnu disguished himself as Jalandhar and appeared before Vrinda. Her chastity was destroyed and Jalandhar lost his power. Lord Shiva defeated him. Vrinda cursed Lord Vishnu to be black and separated from his wife. Vishnu was transformed into a black stone/fossil as Shaligram. Vishnu in his incarnation of Lord Rama got separated from Devi Sita.
Vishnu also blessed Vrinda for her marriage with him in next birth. Vrinda drowned herself and Lord Vishnu transferred her soul in a plant and named her Tulsi. Tulsi was married to Shaligram on Kartik Ekadashi, 11th day of month Kartik.

:heart: In Hindu tradition, it is considered to be auspicious day and a wedding ceremony is performed on these days between Tulsi Plant and Shaligram.

A Mandap is set in the evening in every home. Tulsi plant is decorated with cloth, jewellary , bangles, flowers, bindi. The groom is a brass image of Lord Vishnu or Balkrishna or Shaligram Stone. Both Tulsi and Lord Vishnu are bathed, new clothes are worn, decorated with flowers. The couple is linked with a thread and garlanded. A mangalsutra is put around Tulsi.
Sweets and Dry fruits are offered.

:heart: It is believed that Vrinda resides in this plant at night and leaves next day.

It is believed that a childless couple can participate in this ceremony as parents to Tulsi for Kanyadaan.(Offering daughter in marriage to a groom with love)

:smile: Benefits of Performing Tulsi Vivah or Puja on Kartik Ekadashi

It brings peace and prosperity to married couples. Brings positive vibrations in home. Improves communication between family members.

Tulsi Plant is also known to prevent from diseases and infections.


"Devi Tvam Nirmita Purvamarchitasi Munisvaraih
Namo Namaste Tulsi Paapam Har Haripriye |"

:smile: It is suggested to place a Tulsi Plant outside every house for the numerous benefits it has. It is also suggested to follow the ritual of Tulsi Puja and seek blessings on these days.

:smile: With VK one can request to enhance effects of Tulsi Puja or Mantra with a simple request to VK in own words, while performing this ceremony.

One can mimick its effects with VK too....with the ceremony title ....TULSI VIVAH POOJA

Do share your experiences with VK Tips


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