Query on VOB....placing VK on body

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Dear Teachers !

You have guided to do VOB by rotating on the organ or rubbing on it or writing it on paper and keep chanting GOLDEN SNRISE/respective serum name.

For certain body part like head, my lower back etc I couldn't rub continuously for 10-15 mins neither rotate.
And to be honest, unable to chant with concentration too, so dunno if the paper method would be good enough for me.

My query is can I just simply place VK on those part and just chant GOLDEN SUNRISE, will this be working?
Kindly guide.


  • @Pusp


    Please check Process 2 3 4 and end lines of this article...Easy ways of VOB....its already mentioned that if you cant rotate or rub....just place VK and chant...on body part or paper with receivers name and area of healing


    Do check the examples.....if you cant rotate or rub and simply place VK on the part or organ and chant....

    Process 2 example 1 of constipation....says simply place VK on abdomen and WHILE TOUCHING VK ...chant

    Process 2 example 2 of heart block also mentions ....

    Practically you can extend it to other parts ....isnt it.??

    ...i wanted to write many examples in VOB article....but it gets exhaustive for people to read a long article. I guess you have also missed to read the above examples....
    i have written most of the examples...which i personally experimented and it gave results.

    So one can always extend it with analogy....

    if you simply place a request to VK and dont give continuous intention or chanting ...it would be simple request....not VOB

    either CHANT an energy name or REQUEST heal now for forever CONTINUOUSLY while TOUCHING VK for VOB

    Please read all the examples to understand the concept....VOB is very easy....

    Do share your VK experiences with VOB....
  • Many thanks @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam ! I have been doing this by placing the VK on my head and simply chanting MMM or Golden Sunrise.

    While watching tv also we can do this way, am I right?

  • Mam can one use the process 2 for VOB of the brain too and still activate whole of the brain....like keeping vk on any loint on the head and chanting GS and MMM
  • @ShivGanjoo

    Yes. With the intention of VOB for whole brain
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