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VK TIP 107 : Enjoy TAROT Card Reading, some tips for Tarot Card readers


If Tarot Reading is your passion, this VK Tip is for you.

:heart: Always keep the intention to VK that you want to HELP more people through your Tarot Reading.....instead of keeping the intention of more clients.

When we keep the intention of helping more people , we send an intention to the Universe of spreading Prosperity to others. We grow as a community , not only as a person.

:smile: Charge your TAROT CARDS with GOLDEN SUNRISE using VK before every reading. Just hold VK , say GOLDEN SUNRISE 3 times and keep VK on the cards for 2 to 5 mins.
After this VK becomes free for next intention.

:heart: Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to help to pick up the best suitable card for the person whose reading is done..
Request VK to help you to interpret the Card readings in the best way and suggest best suitable healing remedies.

You can take BEAUTY SERUM to enhance your interpretation skills.

:heart: To help the person more, you can send suitable energies or charge their drinking water using VK.

Example : You can send TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and ALPHA MALE/WOMAN SERUM for prosperity.
You can send them health COSMIC SERUMS as needed.
You can do mind healing with MOOD UP SERUM or BRAVO SERUM OR as needed.

You can apply the same tips to ANGEL CARD reading also.

Gratitude to @SharatSir for VK and its INFINITE POSSIBILITIES !!

Do share your experiences with VK and VK TIPS to motivate all VK users.

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