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Success in my Career Growth - Got Promoted to next level

Hi VK Team

Golden Sunrise . . I am very happy to another success story. Now VK is part of our daily life. I have been charging bucket of bath water before taking bath with the serums GS+TWS+ SS+AMS+Beauty Serum+ Shield of Seven rays with 50 rotations daily. I also used to charge the drinking water bottle daily once with above serums and have the doses daily. I have been doing this from last 6 months. Now I am very happy to convey you all that I got a promotion to next level in my current job.

Thank you Sharath Sir and VK Team

Thanks and Regards
Chetan Shirol


  • @chetan_shirol


    CONGRATULATIONS to you for your new level of achievement.

    Reading your experience....i felt you are bathing with SUCCESS and SUCCESS WATER.

    Appreciate your patience....and I am sure you also worked for this promotion on professional level...VK made a path ...what you truly deserved.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and detailed explanation on healing.

    Thank you for your thanks. Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK in our lives.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts
  • Thank you Rakhiji
  • can we charge water more than 5 serum? please clarify

  • @Jayasri
    It is advised to use 5 energies in one healing.
  • Hello Sir/Madam, For each serum we have to rotate 15-20 times and for 5 serums we have to rotate around 90-100 times.... Please advise n correct me
  • @Vsk
    Please check BASICS OF VK POSTS
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