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VK Success: Got my Stuck money with VK tip 102.

:star: GoldenSunrise to all.
Sharing my Woww Experience with VK Tip no; 102.

:blush: Gratitude to Sharat Kumar Sir for increasing finance and prosperity with VK and Total Wealth Serum.

Thankyou Golden Rakhi didi for Sharing this VK-tip
I got my pending amount of Two lakh from a client using this tip.
I was drinking charge water for last 4 days.
My client was promising to pay me this amount for past 2 months but extending time repeatedly.
I was not doing any healing or request to VK for this amount but Started following this "VK tip 102" after published here in Forum and started drinking charge water with VK.
On 27th October unexpectedly i got call from the Client and on 28th october received the amount.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou @SharatSir for VK is connected with me that it do my favour without intending and asking anything :heart: :heart:


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