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VK TIP 105 : DHANTERAS,Blessings from Maa LAKSHMI,Lord DHANVANTARI, health, happiness and well being


:heart: Dhanteras is celebrated on 13th Day of Krishna Paksha.

Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber is worshipped on this day.

The festival begins with early morning bath, decorating the house with flowers, lighting of lamps and offering of Dhana, dried coriander seeds with jaggery to the Deities.

On this day, Lord Dhanvantari, the healing God or the God of medicine is also worshipped.

:heart: It is believed that the Gods and the Demons performed churning of the ocean, SAMUNDRA MANTHAN. This was to obtain the nectar of immortality, AMRITA.

MANDARA is the name of the mountain used as a churning rod to churn the ocean of milk. Lord Shiva's serpent, VASUKI, offered to serve as the rope pulled on one side by a team of asuras, and on the other, by a team of devas.

Goddess LAKSHMI, the Goddess of Wealth and Fortune , appeared from the ocean of milk.
With continuous churning, Lord VISHNU appeared in incarnation as DHANVANTARI, carrying a jar of AMRITA on this day.

In Ayurveda, Dhanvantari is regarded as Lord and Head of Medical Science.

:heart: Lord Dhanvantari has a dark complexion with yellow clothes wearing ornaments and flower Garland. He holds Sudarshan Chakra in right hand, conch (Panchajanya) in left hand and AMRITA in other two hands.

Lord Dhanvantari blesses with health, happiness, wellbeing to prosper.


Om Namo Bhagavate
Maha Sudharshana
Vasudevaya Dhanvantaraye;
Amrutha Kalasa Hasthaaya
Sarva Bhaya Vinasaya
Sarva Roka Nivaranaya
Thri Lokya Pathaye
Thri Lokya Nithaye
Sri Maha Vishnu Swarupa
Sri Dhanvantri Swarupa
Sri Sri Sri
Aoushata Chakra Narayana Swaha"

Meaning: We pray to the God, who is known as Sudarshana Vasudev Dhanvantari. He holds the Kalasha full of nectar of immortality. Lord Dhanvantari removes all fears and removes all diseases. He is the well wisher and the preserver of the three worlds. Dhanvantari is like Lord Vishnu, empowered to heal the Jiva souls. We bow to the Lord of Ayurveda.

:smile: Chanting of this Mantra blesses with more VITALITY and energy, wellbeing. Removes fear and gives clear vision. It liberates from mental and physical illnesses.

HEALTH IS WEALTH. So do chant this mantra. The healing energy of this mantra touches body, mind and soul.

If you love to chant Mantras, Chant while wearing VK and request VK to enhance its effects.

You can send the energy of this mantra to your dear ones, if they are suffering with illness since long years just with the title of the mantra using VK.

VK can mimick other healing modalities including mantras just with a simple request

:smile: Wishing you all a HAPPY DHANTERAS.

May Maa Lakshmi and Lord Dhanvantari bless all with good health and prosperity.

Do share your experience with VK Tips....


  • Happy Dhanteras to all.
    Thankyou for this amazing VK tip didi.
    Gratitudes to @SharatSir :heart:
  • Thank you so much
  • Thank You very much for this Magical and Spiritual Tip, Rakhi Ji.

    Please, I'd love to ask you a question if you allow me.

    When we search we find that there are so many mantras around. As a VK user I know that we can "send" a mantra to our loved ones.

    My question is: how can we send a "specific" mantra using VK?

    Instead of just requesting: "VK, please, send Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra to X. How can I request for a specific mantra?

    I hope my question makes sense.

    Happy Dhanteras to All.

    All the Blessings and Gratitude to Sharat Sir

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for the wishes and kind words.

    You can mimick a specific mantra with the title of the mantra.
    Example Mimick HANUMAN CHALISA just with title
    VK please send HANUMAN CHALISA energy to Roferli.

    Some mantras have same title but different words or benefits. You may find articles or publications where more than one mantra has the same title.
    In such case use the title as it is, but get the intention of specific mantra in your mind and request VK to send energy of that specific mantra.

    Like suppose you know a yogic posture by its posture but you dont know name of that yogic posture, just think in your mind about that posture and request VK to send energy of that posture.

    Just remember VK is a beautiful intentional tool. Its like you have a healing GPS which follows POSITIVE INTENTIONS and sends energy there.

    Do share your VK experiences on mantras to motivate all.

    Wish you all Happy Dhanteras :-)
    Thank you for lovely tips and Divine tool :)
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