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How to make Affirmation...for mantra

edited November 2017 in Spirituality Discussion

Golden Sunrise

I am wearing Stones and Rudraksha Suggested by astrologer , Kindly Inform How to make Affirmations Request to VK for Getting Power / Benefit of the Stone

Also I use to Chant various Mantras daily , to get a benefit of the Mantra How to Make Affirmation request to VK prior to Chanting the Mantra .




  • Dear @Vijayanandhan ji, Please allow me to suggest corrections in your thought process. Gemstones and precious stones, as suggested by Astrologers are advised for certain power boosting. Wearing them means - to get the stones in touch with your body. Therefore, have faith, when you are wearing them, it will emit their effects/benefits on to you.

    Same is in case of Chanting Mantras. When you Chant a Mantra, the desire is that you get the effect/benefit of the specific Mantra in your life. Please do not confuse yourself by requesting VK to help in giving the benefit of Mantras when you are already chanting them.

    I would like to suggest if you want to amalgamate both the channels of your faith, please hold VK between your palms and affirm to get the energy of the stone or Mantra and thats it.

    for example, please affirm :
    1. O dear VK, please charge my complete self with the energy of Rudraksha.
    2. O My VK, please bestow the energy of Gayatri Mantra on me.
    3. Hey Mere VK, Mujhey/Mere Vyapar ko, Pukhraj ki Urja pradaan kijiye.

    and likewise. The above affirmations could be done with or without wearing a stone or Rudraksha on your body. Ditto is true for Mantra. Affirm for the energy as suggested above WITHOUT chanting the Mantra actually.

    VK is capable of providing the desired energy of any stone or Mantra without its actual presence near you.

  • Golden Sunrise , Thanks Sanjay Ji

  • Golden Sunrise

    1.After the completion of first affirmation what is the time gap that is required to start the next one.

    2.Charging the energy circle for 30 minutes shall I do the another circle charging or go on with affirmation?

  • @vijay ji
    after 30 minutes of gap in direct request , ec charging you can request for any other healing/charging.
    For between Affirmation or ec charging you can choose any one according to your priorities and requirements.
  • Golden Sunrise , Rakhi Ji wonderful Explanation Thanks

  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi ji

    When I get up in the morning shall I make below Request to VK one after other or shall i have give gap for 30 Minits



  • I generally don't follow gaps for such loving affirmations. I keep saying them as it comes in my mind.

    I feel more energetic and VK listens to my thoughts, so it will give cumulative effect for sure.

    What do you say Vijay?

  • Thanks

    Presently I am Following as you said , and I will give the gab based on the affirmation

  • great Vijay

    Do share your experiences....

  • @Vijay

    VK tip for overall prosperity...

    If you are thinking too much about so many wrong things in your life. VK is there for you.

    Change all your thoughts to positive affirmations with VK and experience changes in your life.

    Remember VK is an intentional tool , why not use it to have what we WANT rather than constantly worrying on why we don't have .

    Speak to VK in our own words what you want. Say this as frequently as you can .

    1.VK GOLDEN SUNRISE I want a healthy life NOW FOREVER.
    2.VK GOLDEN SUNRISE I want a prosperous life NOW FOREVER.
    3.VK GOLDEN SUNRISE I want loving relationships NOW FOREVER.
    4. I want a peaceful happy life NOW FOREVER.
    5. I want abundance for my whole family NOW FOREVER .

    And so on.

    Keep saying this to VK ....

  • Golden Sunrise

    1.While Charging Water, At a time How many Serum I can Charge .

    2.VK Please Activate to give me Gubera Mudra energy - is it correct request

  • Golden Sunrise , Thanks

    How many Serum I can Charge at a time in the Water

  • Golden Sunrise , Sorry

    Message has been Over leaped Understood t a time Around 5 types of energies which are related to same aspect can be charged

  • Maximum 5 energies in one healing. GOLDEN SUNRISE can be one energy. One Cosmic serum is one energy . two Cosmic serums become 2 energies.The mudra energy you wish to add is also an energy....and so on

  • Thanks Golden Rakhi Ji

    Highly appreciated the Support you all are extending irrespective of Time

    Thanks a lot

  • Golden Sunrise

    Is it mandatory to Watch the Video by VK users , please guide me .

  • @Vijay

    Nothing is mandatory for VK users.

    Its a guidance. Choice is yours

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