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VK TIP 102 : Welcome Wealth Opportunities with ease, BE Fearless in money matters


:heart: Prosperity comes to everyone in form of various opportunities. BUT ONE NEEDS TO ACT.

Opportunities may knock the door, but the person doesn't act just due to hidden fears.
Sometimes there are many fears due to past failures.
There may be lack of confidence to execute the opportunity.
If the opportunity is not taken on time, there is further anxiety for the next opportunity. Some times this keeps going in circles....opportunity comes, fears comes, opportunity missed, again new opportunity comes, new plus old fears.....

:heart: So how to break this pattern of fears, which keeps dwelling in a person. This financial fear can sometime lead to physical pain in a person who is actually healthy and fit.

So this is a new combination which VK users can explore to increase wealth opportunities.


:smile: : Here TOTAL WEALTH SERUM will help to bring more opportunities , clear obstacles and many ways. Read the article for more information.

:smile: : EFT is a special healing technique to remove trapped negative emotions...including fears...VK can mimic this just with a simple request. The words in capital letter above becomes the energy name or request to VK.

:smile: BRAVO SERUM is for courage and confidence.

Bravo Serum removes all known and unknown fears. EFT TO FINANCIAL FEARS....will give an extra edge to heal the emotions of fear.

So you can take this combination even in water or by other methods of direct request or photo charging.

:heart: GOLDEN SUNRISE can be added to any healing for an enhanced effect.

ALPHA MALE SERUM (for males) or ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (of females) can be added for an attractive personality.

BALANCE SERUM can be added to any healing without a second thought.

:heart: Keep the combination to around 5 energies in one healing. Choose other energies as per your inner guidance.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and VK's special mimicking feature !!

Do share your experiences with VK Tips to inspire all of us.


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