Do I need to rotate more rounds of VK for safety and security

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  • Just one query. When you say use particular serum with a safety and security. Do I need to rotate more rounds for the safety and security to me or the person whom I am sending this energies? I still need to understand this particular factor.

    Also I want to know how many colors elixir can I use in one bottle of water?
  • Cosmic Serums are already made with safety and security by Sharat Sir.

    So you don't need to use safety and security with Cosmic Serums.

    Safety and security intention is required for exercise energy , gemstones , crystals , medicine energy and colors too.

    When you use Cosmic Serums you may not need to use color energy.

    You may not need more than one color anyway.

    There are some contradictions in color therapy such as RED and BLUE cannot be used together as they produce opposite effect

    It is advised not to use many colors together
  • You don't have to do extra rotations for safety and security.

    Safety and security is in intention while charging water or sending energies when required.
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