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CUTTING OFF WARTS with VK and Psychic Surgery


I got warts on my arms. It was growing but I didn’t bother to do anything about it. I didn’t realize 2 warts grew to a size of around 2 to 3 mm. There were not much symptoms, but it annoyed me and even while I walked it started giving some pain due to walking posture changes.

I remembered I had similar types, some years back and I had to get it removed by a Beauty Salon expert. That procedure was done with a specific thread and some tools. it was painful with little bandaging.

Nowadays its also done through laser/nitrogen freezing or some such technique by experts.

With VK, I felt that I should do something pain-free and easily.

So I took my VK and started rubbing VK lightly on one wart, as if VK was a knife/cutter and requested VK to do Psychic surgery by chanting VK PLEASE DO PSYCHIC SURGERY HERE…

i did this for around 15 to 20 strokes of rubbing VK on wart while chanting PSYCHIC SURGERY . Repeated this on 4 different days. I felt it was loosened.

5th time, I was little impatient, and I put a strong intention to VK that the wart should fall off now. I did the same process and hardly 5 strokes of rubbing with PSYCHIC SURGERY chanting…..i felt the skin got smooth.

The wart had actually fallen off. I was doing this process lying on the bed. Searching on the bed, I didn’t find the skin structure which got cut. There was no bleeding no pain and no feel too ….when did it fall off !!

Same process I repeated on the next wart and it fell off on 3rd time.

I thought first that I can do PSYCHIC SURGERY by direct request to VK….but I felt to experiment with VK.

So I don’t have knowledge on Reiki. But I learnt from Sharat Sir that Reiki Psychic Surgery helps to remove unwanted patterns. And VK can MIMICK it.

With VK we don’t have to know the process while mimicking but should know what is the purpose.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK’s special feature of mimicking and VK following our strong intentions.

This experience saved my time money and as usual raised my spirit of experimenting VK with a difference.


  • That's a wonderful experience Rakhi didi
    Thanks for sharing
  • Woww... Amazing VK Success experience didi.
    Thankyou for sharing with detail explanation and it is so simple request that New VK users will also be motivated to practice more and more.
  • Thank you for sharing, amazing.

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