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Reiki Attunement and Kundalini Shaktipat

edited October 2018 in Mimicking Discussion

Golden sunrise,

Vk can give reiki healing sessions and can do kundalini sessions. I want to ask, can Vk's do a Reiki attunement and Kundalini Shaktipat to people who don't have VK? so they can practice their own healing.

Thank you.


  • Dear @richard,

    Golden Sunrise, I would recommend that after receipt of your VK, kindly go through its User Manual thoroughly. While studying that you will easily come to know about infinite capabilities of VK.

    Yes, through VK, we can give energies of Reiki session. Not only that, VK is capable to give energy of any Healing technique available. For Kundalini arousal session, I would recommend to access Sharat Sir's audio on Kundalini which is very powerful. But, giving attunements is a Master's prerogative.

    We should understand that Spirituality and Holistic techniques should not be considered as a consumer durable. Its a unique knowledge and a legacy passed on from a master to his disciple and we all must respect it. I beg your pardon, but, VK does not support it.

  • Thank you

  • edited October 2018

    My first post in this forum.

    Thank You @Sanjay Sir for the explanation. I was not aware that the shaktipath cannot be mimicked.

    Please correct me if I am wrong here, My understanding is that VK by itself a powerful consciousness and has a intelligence of its own, it is a master by itself? So, if the recipient is receptive and has the spiritual discipline, will VK wont perform this activation?

    How about transmitting the Kundalini energy video of sharat sir or mimicking a video of Yogi Bhajan or any live transmissions by a ascended master through VK? These cases too the will/prerogative of the physical master is not involved.

    Thank You!!

    Thanks to Team Litairian, Sharat sir and all the wonderful beings. I am blessed and it is my privilege to make this journey with all of you!!

  • Dear @Richard

    :thankyou for your :thankyou

  • Dear @Sajiv,

    Golden Sunrise, Welcome to the Forum.
    Its your 1st post and you have asked a very intelligent question. From the time unknown, spiritual powers and techniques has been utilized for the well being of the mankind. But, the fact remains that this zone has its own ethics and process. When we practice on Spiritual ways of healing, we must keep it in our mind that we are collaborating with a unique source of energy which is vast and great. Therefore, one has had to be worthy of this practice.

    With the passage of time, the style of utilizing this knowledge changed and now for the ease of common people, Sharat Sir has simplified it to invent VK. However, still it should not be taken as a child's play. Even, after converting a vast energy power as concise within a wristlet, VK represents the divine cosmic energy and in-spite of having infinite powers, it follows the divine protocols. You will appreciate that "Sudarshan Chakra" - the disc which Lord Krsna hold has limitless powers, but operates as per the Lord's wish.

    You are not wrong in your quarry, but as I explained in my post above, there is a difference between giving a session of a technique or energy of divine (whether Reiki or Ascended Master), and "Shaktipaat" (Attunement). Please understand that a session of energy is a targeted endowment, but an Attunement is forever. Even VK, which has intelligence of its own did not appear on earth by itself, Sharat Sir, was the medium for its creation.

    The idea of Attunement is that a spiritual flow of energy is channeled into a worthy student by the Master/Grandmaster which remains in the student's self forever. It has always been a relay of energy shared from a self to other. Despite empowered with powers all inclusive, VK is a healing tool emitting any kind of positive energy, but the hierarchy of attunement should be respected in its unique way. VK is a master in itself but that does not make its holder - a Grandmaster. He/she has to earn that level and there is no shortcut.

    It think I am clear in my opinion. In case of any doubt, please feel free to ask, Sharat Sir may reply to you more precisely.

  • :thankyou @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir for the Great response. I totally agree with the necessity of strict spiritual discipline such as Food control, Brahmacharya etc. that were necessary for the body, mind control. I used the word ‘were’ as in past tense because of VK, as this divine gift can do so many things that would have taken years otherwise, even after years then too it is not a guarantee.

    However I would differ on the ethics/worthiness part as they belong to the third dimensional duality, My understanding is that beyond this screen of duality lies the real human, the one who is unsullied by any memory corruption and the one who already possess the unique source of energy that you had mentioned. I consider every human being as having perfect ethics/worthiness in the real reality.

    Sir, Having agreed and disagreed, I need your help as well as the help of team litairian to get certain questions clarified, from the VK perspective.

    1. For a person doing healing work with VK, is it necessary for him to be initiated by a living master if he wishes to go on a spiritually advanced mode or can VK initiate them into a sadhana as a guru?
    2. Many masters including Osho have noted that the powers from spiritual sadhana are a impediment for the student to reach the ultimate goal. To be precise I would say ‘VK=power’, so can this become that impediment? If so, what spiritual discipline needs to be followed? Or can VK walk me towards my truth, come what may?
    3. How to use VK to fast track spirituality. I see mimicking feature as a great opportunity but Sanjay sir had mentioned that the energy transmission with VK may not be sustained for life, I am a bit confused here. Say I use VK for a year or two for sun gazing or to perform a Kundalini activation meditation or an awareness activation or a 12 strand DNA activation, won’t these results be permanent.
    4. Can a great tool like VK that operates outside the space-time matrix give temporary results? Is there any way through which we can make the results permanent?

    There are many more questions but basically I want to know how we can use VK to fasttrack our spiritual evolution, the end goal is nothing other than the ultimate silence / no-thingness.

    This is about a clarification on the VK manual. There is a guideline on page 5, where it talks about getting attunement with VK. Again on Page 32 the document gives a sample of the command to call a reiki or any other attunement. In the response above @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir had mentioned that VK doesn't give attunements but only energy sessions. It would be helpful if this can be clarified.

    I am grateful to have found a forum where these things can be discussed. I beg your pardon if there are any repetitions in the questions.


  • @Sajiv


    Reading this discussion thread i was wondering why DIVINE made us in a way that we need to eat our meals daily to remain healthy or to survive for weeks months and years. Some of us are eating atleast 2 to 4 meals daily since last few decades.

    Is there a way that we just eat once....say today and now..... and then no meals at all and still survive healthy active for our whole lifetime.

    Why cant we feed our body with rich nutritious meals for only once and live healthy throughout?
    WE are all creations of Divine. Why did he make us like this ?

    So is that not the case with our minds and soul too. Some Divine magic happens EVERYTHING GETS PERMANENT.

    Then no one needs to do anything later.

    This conversation is between you and Sanjay Sir ....but i couldnt stop my questions

    :thankyou @”Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher” for all the information and support you are providing on this forum and on the website. They help a lot and please accept my gratitude.

    On the part of Divine making/creating us, I am not sure that we were ever made. That is the reason we have a tremendous possibility to evolve everyday (yes, our parents made us on a different level though). From my searching for truth it looks like the Divine is not a person, it is more of a presence. It includes human but it is not human. Adi shankara talks about this beautifully in his poem Atma Shatakam, I am neither this nor that. I may not be correct but I am just sharing my truth. So please bear with me.

    About eating once and not eating after that at all - In the evolutionary scale of things we humans have experimented this and some people even today are experimenting on this possibility. Our Yogis have stayed without food for a long time, In the modern times I have heard about Hira Ratan Manek who lives on Solar energy. Then there are people who claim to be BREATHAIRIAN (We are Litairians and it seems there are Breathairians too :) ). Why am I saying these? Just because we haven't tried, we may not conclude that it's not possible.

    In the scientific community, I am seeing people experimenting with Radionics and scalar energy, trying to use structured water to gain all the nutrients needed by the body (Ed Kelly, Berkana Labs, Rekindling of Tesla's work etc.). So in future we may have a machine that can program water with all necessary nutrients. Oh no, we already do this with VK :).

    I really loved this, “So is that not the case with our minds and soul too. Some Divine magic happens EVERYTHING GETS PERMANENT”. I see it now. Leaving aside the Soul, other things can't be Permanent. They get stagnated.

    Having said that, I would still like to get some opinion on my previous questions, because a permanent 12 strand DNA activation will still be considered evolution and not stagnation.

    Thank you all the Divine Masters of Humanity, Sharat Sir, Sanjay Sir, Rakhi Mam.

    Gratitude to the Divine and to Sharat Sir for sharing such a powerful tool for transformation.

  • GS @Sajiv

    I am extremely happy with the fact that you have gone through the VK Manual and are also constantly exploring and experimenting. I would also like to apologize, for the length of this post, but as you may be aware, even in exams the question may only be in one line, but the answer has to do justice to the question. Thus I shall be posting the response in two parts, please treat it as the same. :)

    Before we dwell into your key question, since you have mentioned VK = Power, and have asked for it’s mimicking capabilities, let me share some of my experiences with VK. To give a brief background I have been using VK since 2009 and was a part of the initial experimentation team as well.

    Experiments with VK (mimicking):

    1. Once I received a call that a person had suffered a major cardiac arrest and the family was on the way to the Hospital with him. They requested if in the meantime I could do something at an energy level. Before healing I generally check at a psychic/energy level how the person is feeling as that helps in better or more accurate healing. When observed I found that the persons heart had stopped pumping and he was unconscious. Thanx to VK I mimicked the effect of a defibrillator and kept giving him steady electrical shocks for the next 6 minutes, until eventually I could feel his heart revive and taking over the pumping activity. I continued giving him some more energy for the next 20 minutes or so. When I later spoke to the family and narrated the incidence they were shocked, because as per the doctors, the persons heart had stopped for around 8 mins and surprisingly had began beating on its own after that. There were however some other problems due to lack of blood supply for that much duration, but the bottom line is, VK helped save a life that day.

    2. This happened when I was driving from Alwar to Delhi, with a few relatives when one of them (who’s daughter in law was expecting) received a call saying there was a major complication and they will have to go for a surgery. Now this was a conversation between him and his son and I had not heard anything about the problem except that there was some complication and a surgery is involved. So, I checked at a psychic level and found that the baby’s umbilical cord was stuck around the neck. Once my uncle had disconnected the call, I asked him if this was the situation and he was shocked to find out as he had not told anyone about it. I told him that I am a healer and let me try healing; hopefully it shall help in a smoother operation. So I began using VK at an intentional level (while continuing to drive as VK was doing the healing and not me), and mimicked/visualized psychic hands. Very gently I turned the baby around and made sure that the cord is safely removed. The process took about 20 mins and I asked my uncle to call back and check the situation. To my surprise (it was the 1st time I had used VK this way), just as the doctors were about to begin the surgery, they did a final check only to find that the cord had come out and the baby was safe, so they went for a normal delivery. The baby was born safely and in perfect health.

    3. There was a couple who once told me that they are planning to start a family and if I could give them some positive vibes/energy. So I gave them some positive energies and just as I was about to finish, I thought of giving the energy of putra kamesti yagna (mentioned in Ramayana as the yagna conducted by King Dashratha) to help in easy conception. To my utter shock and surprise, I find out a month later from them, that the wife had not only conceived but there were 4 babies in her womb. VK had mimicked the entire process as is.

    There are many more such amazing experiences, but these are some of the best ones that came to my mind. This shows the miraculous powers of VK along with its infinite capabilities.

    Now before we take a plunge into the questions asked in the 2nd post I’d like to clarify, that as per our scriptures there are 3 major philosophies – (i) Dvaita (Path of Duality) (ii) Advaita (Path of Singularity/Non-Dual) (iii) Vishistadvaita (A mix of the above two). So, with this understanding when we look at this statement, (“My understanding is that beyond this screen of duality lies the real human, the one who is unsullied by any memory corruption and the one who already possess the unique source of energy that you had mentioned. I consider every human being as having perfect ethics/worthiness in the real reality”), it is incorrect, as beyond duality lies nothing but pure energy. You may choose to call this pure energy as God, or God Consciousness or Pure Consciousness etc. but there is no human. The creator and the created are the same when looked upon from the Advaita standpoint (This topic can be very detailed hence I’ll leave at this, hope it helps in the understanding).

    Also, to clarify, an attunement does not mean that the effect is permanent, it merely means that the persons spiritual centres (chakras) are now activated to receive the energy. So just as one is born with a physical self, made of organs etc. similarly one is born with these chakras, which due to various reasons have become dormant with time. An attunement simply reactivates them and enables one to channel the energy. If one doesn’t have a teacher, then even after the attunement one may not know how to transmit the energy as each healing modality has a different process. Some healing modalities for ex. Magnified Healing, despite the attunement require the healer to meditate everyday for 15-20 mins to activate the energy flow which remains with them for the next 24 hours (again not permanent).

  • With regards to the Questions:

    1. To do healing with VK one doesn’t need any initiation as you are not the Healer, VK is (I am sure as a VK user you may have already experienced it). Even if you are sending the energy of Reiki, without prior initiation, VK will send the energy of the highest level (in this case that of Grandmaster). Now with regards to the 2nd part of the question, whether a Guru is needed or not, then the answer to the same is Yes although not for spiritual evolvement, but for constant guidance. For ex. under Hatha Yoga, the seeker practices for years together to prepare oneself for the ultimate form of Yoga i.e. Sadhana. If we try to enter in Sadhana without prior practice or understanding(initiation) then it may result in adverse effects. Another ex. based on your question of Reiki Attunement – If one is not initiated or guided then one may make the mistake of trying to attune themselves with either all the levels in a single day or in a single instance or directly try to attune themselves with the Grandmaster level attunement. As a Reiki Grandmaster I can assure you that it shall result in severe problems either at a mental or emotional level as those energies are too much for the self to accept in one go. Thus, a Guru is required to gauge one’s progress and then guide accordingly.

    2. When the spiritual masters quote that “powers” (whether through sadhana or otherwise) may act as a hindrance to one’s spiritual progress, what they are trying to say here is that power corrupts. So if one gets hooked on to a certain power/siddhi and doesn’t focus or continues the spiritual journey/sadhana then yes it definitely is a hinderance. But they also say, that siddhis are always a by-product of constant spiritual sadhana, but one must not focus or get stuck with the same, rather they must continue their spiritual journey. This is another reason why a Guru is needed because they can identify when the student slips and then guide them back onto the path. Also as per the scriptures, there is only One Truth (Brahma Satyam – Jagat Mithya), so there is cannot be my truth or your truth. So yes if you keep requesting VK to give you energy for spiritual growth VK shall bless you with the same, but you shall have to be extremely alert to know when you slip. Since you happen to mention Adi Shankaracharyajis Atma Shatakam I’ll recommend that you go through Sadhana Panchakam written by him, where he clearly mentions the four-fold qualifications of a seeker, also known as Sadhana Chatushtaya. This shall help you gain a much better understanding on the above concept.

    3. How VK helps in fast tracking spiritual growth is by providing one with infinite/abundant energy. But it’s upto the person to constantly use VK to keep raising his/her energy frequency. Also what @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir was trying to convey here is that VK can definitely be used for Spiritual Awakening (is already being used by many), but one has to physically take the effort to sit in Sadhana everyday until the goal is achieved (time may depend from person to person depending or their own energy frequency). With regards to the second part of the question, from what I remember, Hira Ratan Manekji (HRM), had mentioned that it took him years of sadhana and experimenting until he perfected the method of sun eating (10 secs per day etc.) and even after he had achieved his intended goal, he continued sun eating and did not stop. Similarly, even spiritual masters who’s Kundalini is fully awakened and they have realized their true self continue their sadhana till their last day, simply because they are aware that this human self itself is not permanent. So to put it in other words, how can a temporary container contain the infinite permanently? It can only be merely experienced until one truly becomes one with the infinite. Even in Bhagawat Geeta Lord Krishna whom we know as a poorna avatar and had access to all the 16 cosmic rays (VK is attuned with 11 cosmic rays) says the same and emphasises on a daily sadhana as long as one is in the manushya (human) yoni. The same is also mentioned in Bhagwatam and other parts of Mahabharata. It will also interest you to know that all these spiritual masters had a Guru, Adi Shankaracharyajis Guru were Shri Govind Bhagvatpadaji and even Shri Krishna’s Guru were Maharishi Sandipaniji.

    4. VK does operate at a much higher dimension/frequency, but the reason the results are temporary for us is because we ourselves are temporary. So, if one contemplates from a scientific perspective, what truly is permanent? Only Energy is… To become permanent, I urge you to constantly keep practicing and rising in your Sadhana.

    Thus, to answer the core question, yes through VK one can receive attunement and as pointed out by you it’s mentioned in the manual as well. But as @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir has emphasised it is best to be done under the guidance of a Guru. You may also refer Guru Ashtakam by Adi Shankaracharya ji to understand the significance of a Living Guru.

    So Thank you very much Dear @Sajiv for this Beautiful Satsang and keep questioning, for a question is a key to an answer. Hope I was able to quench your doubts for the time being. :) <3

  • :thankyou @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher for such a detailed and a beautiful explanation. Yes, you have shattered my ignorance about the advaita. I agree that there is no human beyond the screen of duality. Thank you, I am grateful.

    The case studies that you had presented are beautiful. Though I have used VK only for a few months, I feel a deep connection with it, can't explain it with words though. Something like a feeling of being with a loved one, a gentle assurance keeps coming from VK that all is well. I have used it on myself on several occasions and got instant results for several issues, such a magic VK is. I have not tried it seriously to help other people, because my guru keeps saying that we need to be at a certain level of detachment, if we have to touch another life.

    After reading your explanation that we are not doing the healing but VK is doing it, now I will use my new VK to help others too. I am extremely grateful to Sharat sir for blessing me with another VK. I will be receiving it today :). I am amazed how all things fall perfectly in place with VK.

    I will follow your suggestions on meditating with atma shatakam. My questions have disappeared now. Thank you!!

    :thankyou divine, Sharat sir, team Litairian for creating this wonderful platform. Thank you Divine VK.

  • I am just curious @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher, were you the one who sent a access request to read my energy fields? It was after this thread.


  • GS @Sajiv

    I am glad to be of Help. With regards to the next post, I have no idea and it was definitely not me. I'm too busy to indulge in such activities =)

    Take Care :)
  • Dear @Mudit,

    Please accept my compliments for a Fantastic explanation as given above. Though much tempted, I held back my post just because of this beautiful post of yours which is all inclusive and so gracefully detailed that nothing more is required.

    I am also glad that @Sajiv is satisfied and that is what agenda was. :)

    A big :thankyou from my side.

  • Woww
    Thankyou @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir
    Thankyou @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher ji
    This is one of the most amazing discussion till now, beautiful explanation and Concept cleared.
    Thankyou for the question @Sajiv ji @richard
    Gratitude to @SharatSir for the opportunity to learn in this forum.
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher


    This has been a wonderful thread of discussion. The flow of knowledge starts from you. Your knowledge wisdom and explanations are so touching everytime that i fall short of words to express Gratitude to you Sir. You Being the first VK user after Sharat Sir and experimenting with Sir, right from the days where it was still taking shape and your own spiritual practices gives you an extra edge to express so much about our Divine VK. Blessed to be associated with you.

    @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher


    Beautiful words . Your experiences says it all. You have a SEA of experiences with VK , thanks for sharing some here. Your extra ordinary psychic abilities since your childhood and being with Sharat Sir as one of his best student, your contribution as a healer is something out of this world


    Thanks for asking your questions. Thanks for your compliments. We feel blessed to be part of Team VK with Sharat Sir always guiding us.

    WE are in mission with Sir to spread happiness through VK.

    You have been a VK user since months with good experiences. So on behalf of team i request you to share your success stories and experiences in a new post in category VK SUCCESS STORIES. The more we share the more we light a candle of hope and joy within us and you never know how many candles you will light here for VK users too who will get motivated to use their VK in different ways.

    Keep sharing the joy to all. Congratulations for your 2nd VK. You can also BOOST your healing with multiple VK.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and learnings

  • Thank you very much @Sanjay Sir, @Puneet & @Rakhi Maám for your kind words, but honestly this was through me and not from me.

    Honestly it's all because of @Sajiv, as had he not asked these thought provoking questions, we would not have received these amazing answers all through the thread. It even gave me an opportunity to churn my thoughts. So Thank You dear @Sajiv :)

    Also all this would not have manifested without the constant guidance of @SharatSir and his wonderful blessing to this world in the form of VK. Thank you Sir :)


    Thank You @richard for starting this thread.

    Thank You @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher, @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher, @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher, @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for the light you brought in through your responses. I see what it means to be a teacher. Pranam.

    I am starting a new prosperity experiment from today with my two VKs, Request your blessings.

    @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher - Will share my experiences soon in the appropriate section.

    Thank You @Sharat sir and team Litairian, you make lives better.

    Thank You Divine for guiding me to the forum. I surrender this to you. Namaste!

  • I am blessed to read this post....amazing clarity on so many subjects and mind boggling truths about our eternal selfs in a temporary vessel...truly grateful to be a humble part of the Divine Masters.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam can u pls guide me if I am requesting vk properly for aura and chakra flush empowerment
    O my dear vk pls mimic aura flush empowerment with safety and security to me

    Thank you ????
  • @mahaveerchauhan28_ yes right.
    Or you can say "activate".
    I am really awed to know how many of you are so enlightened.I wish I could talk to you. My pranaams to all of you

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