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Another success story to share with all Divine souls.
As I am working as a Pharmacist in UK there are so many opportunities to help them with Vk without even telling them when I know that due to some reasons and legal obligations we can't provide them any medication and at the minute Doctor appointments are a nightmare.
I observed that an old lady is buying antifungal cream every other day but one day when the counter assistant was about to sell her one I intervened as I wanted to know why she is using it that much and to help her she might need referral to Doctor. Upon questioning privately she told me that she is suffering from jock itch all over her body when I asked her to see doctor who may prescribe her strong antifungal she said that she is embarrassed to go doctor and said she will only continue Over the counter treatment but when i asked to see the infection she shown me pics on her phone and believe me the infection was that bad that it needed definitely stronger antifungal cream but she was not willing to listen to me to go and see her doctor. then i thought in my head i will try to help her with my Divine gift VK.
I started giving this lady the energies of GOLDEN SUNRISE,ALL CLEAR SERUM,BALANCE SERUM,BEAUTY SERUM AND ZAPPER HEALING 9 VOLTZ 10 KILOHERTZ by direct requests at least 2-3 times a day and in my break times i had charged aaaall antifungal creams with GOLDEN SUNRISE as well. I made sure that the cream we are going tos ell her is the one which I have already charged with GS.
yesterday she came to pharmacy and told me that her infection is gone (after 2 weeks)I was sending her healing and she said you know what your stock is amazing otherwise she was getting the same cream from another chemist from 6 months and her infection was not going.
I have no words to describe how happy I felt after listening to this and I paid my sincere thanks and gratitude to my VK for not only helping me but helping everyone in need of help.
Thanks VK and thanks Sharat Sir for this fantabulous gift in my life


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