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Stop judging self/others/things...Zero state of mind

I observed that I will be in present moment or in complete awareness when I am not judging myself or people or things... I am using access consciousness clearing tool to do it... is there other method with VK for this?


  • @Chetandurdi, this is fantastic news.

    Kindly enlighten, why do you desire for another method, when you are achieving the state of complete awareness with Access Consciousness. If I were you, I would have been more than satisfied to be in this unique state, irrespective of method I adhered. This non-judgemental (alpha) state is rare and very discrete. If you have actually experienced it with a certain method, Behold it.

    Rather, utilize this Zero level of your create new things. With infinite supply of Cosmic energy in VK, proceed for "Creations and Manifestations" and turn your viable dreams into reality. That would be the best utilization.

  • Sanjay Sir,

    I get into these stated on & off. My goal is to get continuous into the awareness state.

    I will look into the creation mode when in this state rather than trying/looking for new method.


  • After doing more and continue practice, you can reach the point where there will be only ZERO. Stay Blessed.

  • Dear Sir !

    Can we simply put intention to VK that "Please take me to higher state of consciousness and keep me in constant blissful awareness"

    and keep it in between our both palms would be helpful.
    Request you, kindly guide !

  • Yes, you can put intention... even you can also say like "VK give me deeper possible meditative trance" when going for meditation.

  • Thank you sir ! Humble pranam

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