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Money received in 7th Pay commission VK experience

edited January 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

I was waiting for the 7th pc revision for Pensioners. Until orders are received, the implementation cannot take place. I was advised by Rakhi ji, to follow the following steps. To send LOVE SERUM to authorities. GOLDEN SUNRISE,and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and ALL CLEAR SERUM to situation and my documents, SO7R to my money, and Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to make way for my money to come to me now. I was following the steps as guided, of course for a couple of months, I learnt that the orders were received, and the calculation work has started and I got my dues now. All these happend in about 4 months. Thanks, this is a SUCCESS STORY. Thank you VK, Rakhiji, Sharath Sir. Gratitude to all of you.


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