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Can VK mimic Manicure ? To what extent?

edited October 2017 in Mimicking Discussion

If I just say Manicure 3 times to VK so even without dipping hands in water or without applying cream in hands....will vk give effect of manicure


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Lakshika,
    VK can help in manicure mimicking. Manicure is a process which requires water as medium to flush out dead cells and stubborn dirt from hands.
    You may get some effect of Manicure to the extent which does not require any medium. Also the effect will depend upon how is the current texture or cleanliness of your hands.
    If actual Manicure in your case would require more than 30 mins, say 60 mins. VK will follow auto healing upto 30 mins. So the process would be done faster by VK.

    A better way is to dip hands in water which is previously charged with A Branded Pedicure Pack. And then clean them in fresh water. Please read more on this link.

    Or you can charge bearable hot water with Beauty Serum . Dip your hands for 20 min. Clean and apply a Beauty Serum charged cream for extra effects.

    Read this article on Beauty Serum to use VK more creatively for beautifying whole body .
    You can also use Alpha Woman Serum for overall Beauty and confidence.

    Thank You

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