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Need help on the dry skin and dandruff issues for my family membr

Hi gurus.
Hope this post finds you in the best of your health :). god bless us all. There is a lady who is suffering from dandruff issues and in the neck she is having lot of black spots and other things. She applies oil and all but due to AC environment its getting dry too fast. Also she doesn't like to apply oil everyday as she feels it doesn't looks good as per her. I have done a Beauty Serum, SO7R, Perfect health serum, All clear serum and Balance Serum to her shampoo and oils but its not working that well.
Can you suggest any other serum which I can give through VK ?


  • @Shrinath

    Thank you for the blessings to all.

    Add ZAPPER if dandruff is infection related.

    Find the mental cause of these skin problems. Skin reflects lot of emotions. Maybe she needs MOOD UP SERUM or BRAVO SERUM or bach flower remedies.

    For severe problems send energy in drinking water or direct requests. Her need is more than local energy in shampoos looks like.

    You can do PSYCHIC SURGERY for Black spot affected area.
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