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VK TIP 88 : PRETTY WOMAN THIS TIP ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, Time, relation, peace, beauty, home, work

If you have multiple responsibilities, like taking care of home, Spouse, your 1st child/children, in-laws/parents, job or business, being a BUSY WOMAN…..this VK Tip is for you

This tip is even good for a Pregnant VK user

Make this Tip as a part of your life.....

Daily Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE help me to balance my work family and health needs.

Check this VK Tip 23 for Time Management here

A Pregnant woman can also Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE for enough time for herself to take care of herself during pregnancy.

Female VK users can send LOVE SERUM to their family members or office staff/seniors for good support and good relationships.

Read this VK Tip 61 here

Pregnant VK users can also send LOVE SERUM in same way to make their life comfortable.

Do this daily

Request VK to take you to DEEP TRANCE MEDITATIVE MODE at least once a week at night while you are lying on the bed. This will calm your mind and relax your body.

Read here guidance by Sharat Sir for meditation with a simple request to VK

While at work if you feel tired or if you feel tired at home , you can request VK for energy or effect of 30 min walk in NATURE.

This will add some freshness to your mind and body.
Check this VK Tip 87 here

Pamper your feet with Mini Pedicure

Check this VK Tip 15 here

If you feel low, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE or take energy of LAUGHTER SHOW or MOOD UP SERUM and BALANCE SERUM.

Read this VK Tip 4 here

You can take ALPHA WOMAN SERUM to feel special and have a winning attitude.

Add ALPHA WOMAN SERUM daily with any health or wealth healing without any intention.

Send some LOVE SERUM to the Universe

Read this VK Tip 31 here

Do share your experiences with VK Tips with all of us

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for gifting VK a True Friend in Need



  • Thank you so much Rakhi didi for all these wonderful tips....
    THANKS VK and Sharat sir for making so many lives easier......
    God bless everyone
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