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Mimicking ACTIVATED CHARCOAL /CARBON energy for stomach upset

200th Success Story Post on this FORUM


My passion for using VK mimicking led to another amazing experience last month.

When the rains started, its crazy to eat Fried snacks especially in Mumbai.

I went on snacking from outside in the beginning of rains one day. Another passion in monsoon :#

Next day i had loose motions in the morning. Again in the afternoon one more time. And discomfort started

Instantly one thought came in my mind and i requested this to VK

VK please send energy of ACTIVATED CHARCOAL to my Digestive System to ADSORB all negative and toxins causing this upset

I was in a meeting and said this only once.

After this, my energy was high and my stomach got normal without any further symptoms.

If you are wondering whats this energy and how it it is

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL OR CARBON is a Specially Processed carbon form which develops many small volume pores on its surface to ADSORB particles or gases. It does not react chemically and is very safe. It follows the process od ADSORPTION i.e. just attracts particles on its surface inside the pores.

This is a very commonly used substance for purifying Chemicals, medicines, pharmaceuticals. Its been in use for more than 100 years in chemical industry.

It is also included in some ayurvedic digestive tablets and is even used in hospitals sometimes to remove poisons.

Nowadays its also included in Cosmetic products like face wash or face packs.

And VK mimicked energy of ACTIVATED CHARCOAL perfectly for me.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and its amazing ways of Mimicking


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