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Subordinates loosing Job: need help

edited October 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
I am facing a problem at my office. I was told that 3 of my subordinates may loose their jobs due to a change in company policy
These three are hardworking people and need this job. Even I feel that its an injustice to them. I want to retain them. Its not yet finalized so I have time to work on it with VK
I need guidance as I am doing following things
1. Writing the names of three people in an EC and charge it with TWS for them
2. Shield of 7 rays to their job
What's else to be done?
Which switch words and serums to be given to present situation?
Pls help me with this


  • @ Sameer

    SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to them, to their job and their career.

    You can also give them GOLDEN SUNRISE , ALPHA MALE SERUM (For males) Or ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (for females) along with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM

    Give ALL CLEAR SERUM to their employment situation.

    Serums are more powerful than Switchwords.

    Switchwords act on subconscious mind. Serums act on multiple levels

  • Thanks Rakhi Ji
    Will follow it
  • @ Sameer
    Alongwith the advice of Rakhiji, also heal their employment situation for better than as before.

  • Just wanted to know @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher , can i charge someone a bottle of water who is unsure of how long his job is going to be in a particular company ? Someone who is working in a company which has no projects/work ?

    Also will the serum help him to get new work elsewhere with the same serum or need to add any more serum too ?

  • @Shrinath


    Give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to the person and his/her career.

    Just keep the intention of prosperity instead of thinking which company. VK and these energies will create opportunities in ways one cannot imagine.

  • I came to forum after a long time. But just to say thanks to rakhee
  • Thanks to Rakhijee for valuable suggeations , my subordinates are now safe and working with me
    They are saved.
  • @Sameer

    Thank you for your thanks Sameer. Thanks for sharing your success updates.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK taking care of career.

    Please also share how did you work with VK to take care of your fellow beings. This will be learning for many.

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