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Healing leg pain and losing weight

edited March 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise Divine, yesterday actually it started on Sunday I was having severe pain in my right leg and Monday evening the pain moved up to my right kidney area. I started taking PCS, PHS, and BS in my water. Then I changed to PCS, BS, GS, GYM S, and MMM. I also did VOB on my leg and kidney area asking VK Jubilant to heal me now forever. Aslo repeating Golden Sunrise as I did VOB. I am happy to say that this morning the pain is gone.

I know that VK Jubilant is working because every Serum combination I use in my water it has a different taste, it does not taste like regular water at all. When I take a combination with Total Wealth serum the water has a slight sweet taste. I am so thankful for Sharat Sir and VK Jubilant. I have tried many things in my life and this is the first I have gotten any results from. I am so thankful that I purchased VK Jubilant and as soon as I am able I am going to get 3 more. I have so much personal items like shampoo, lotion and creams , oils etc to charge, so I need more then one and I understand you can get quicker results having more than one. Love to all of you for your wonderful help.

I have also lost 3lbs since I have had my VK Jubilant. I used GS, FDS, BS, ES, and HS. Also request VK Jubilant to Activate 30 minutes Sessions of Cardio Exercise with safety and security. Also while rubbing VK Jubilant on my stomach I repaet I want a perfect body weight and desired body shape.


  • Golden Sunrise Divine, in the above post concerning the pain in my leg well I acted too soon the pain came back. But as of today I have no pain. I was first taking Pain Serum, Perfect Health Serum, Golden Sunrise, and Balance Serum it was helping to some degree. Then I read where Rakhi said she had taken Golden Sunrise, Heart Serum, Digee Serum, All Clear Serum, and Balance Serum, also Golden Sunrise, Calcium, Vitamin D3, Perfect Health Serum and Balance Serum. So I started taking those. I also did VOB on my leg, knee, right ankle and lower back because the pain was moving to that area . I think the pain was all coming from my right ankle because I had a fracture to that ankle when I was in an accident. With VOB I did 5 minutes of Golden Sunrise and 5 minutes of All Clear Serum to each area. I am so thankful and grateful to Sharat Sir and VK Jubilant and my consistency in taking the Serums and doing VOB. As I sit here typing this I can truly say the pain is GONE. The pain was very excruciating but I didn't know it could be healed in such short a time. I did the first post on 8/7 and today is 8/16, just 9 days wow VK Jubilant and Serums are epic. Again thank you Sharat Sir. You are truly a blessing to mankind.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU LOL

  • :mantap :beautiful

  • @queenie9

    Wow. Thanks for sharing.

    Just for your information HEART SERUM helps in leg pain due to blood circulatory issues such as Spider Veins Varicose veins Thrombosis....due to poor circulation legs loose their strength and blood vessels become rigid. The legs feel stress just within few hours of walking or standing. Here Heart Serum helps with circulation.

    Sometimes we need to know the cause of pains. And give energy there

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your experiences and learnings. Appreciate that you are reading old posts and testimonials and picking them in application too.

    Thats a wonderful way of exploring VK.
  • Thank you Golden Sunrise Divine.Yes I am reading old post because I want to learn.

  • in the above post related to losing weight what was ES for ?

  • @Madhoo
    It's typo error. Its probably DS DIGEE SERUM if you go through the entire thread of discussion
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